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Questions about the show
  • When do the doors open and what’s the duration of the show?

    The arena usually opens between 60 - 90 minutes before the show. The CAVALLUNA show lasts about 2.5 hours, including an intermission of about 20 minutes.

  • What age is recommended for children to attend the show?

    We recommend the show from the age of 3 years. Children up to and including 4 years of age may sit on their parents' laps free of charge and do not require a ticket (lap seat).

  • How old do you need to be to visit the show alone?

    For the protection of minors and for insurance purposes, children and teenagers may not visit she show without adults until they are 16 years old. If children and teenagers are younger than 16, they must be accompanied by an adult with parental authority or with a written authorisation by one of the legal guardians.

  • What about parking, bathrooms and food and drinks?

    This information is available from the event location you will be visiting. Please check the respective website or call the service number for the location.

  • Can I pet the horses at the end of the show?

    In general, it is possible to pet some of the horses at the end of each show. However, you should always pay attention to the riders' and especially to their animals’ reaction. If the horses turn away or signal that they feel uncomfortable in any other way, you must be respectful. CAVALLUNA is not liable for any damage that may occur in this respect.

  • May I take photographs or videos during the shows?

    In general, we are happy to see beautiful pictures or videos – also uploaded on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. To us, it is however especially important that visiting the show is a very special experience for every person in the audience. Therefore, taking pictures with reflex cameras or other cameras with interchangeable lenses is not permitted. The same applies to filming with professional cameras (e.g. camcorders). Tablets (e.g. iPad or Samsung GALAXY Tab) are not permitted in the arena, either. Guests close to you could feel disturbed by you taking pictures or videos.  
    Please also keep in mind that taking pictures is only allowed for personal and not for commercial purposes. Members of the press can apply for accreditation with our PR team.  
    It is prohibited to use your camera flash as this could frighten the horses.

  • May I bring my dog or another pet to the show?

    Animals are generally not permitted.

  • Can I take part or ride in the show?

    Such things cannot be done spontaneously - on the one hand for insurance reasons, on the other hand because of the exact timing of the shows. In addition, our teams are professional show riders with many years of experience - they are all among the best in Europe. If you are suitably qualified, you can apply with convincing material at casting@apassionata.com.

  • May I take bags and backpacks to the show?

    It is prohibited to take backpacks of any size, suitcases, motorcycle helmets, notebooks, tablets and children’s prams to the arena. Bringing food and drinks is also not allowed. The same applies to handbags, bags and gymnastic bags that are larger than a DIN A4 format (21 cm x 29.7 cm). If you need to bring a larger bag, it is possible to store it outside the hall for a fee. The security regulations are stipulated by the arena. As the organiser, this is not within our responsibility. 

Questions about your ticket
  • Are there any discounts?

    Children up to 4 years of age are admitted free of charge without the right to a seat (lap child). Children between the ages of 5 and 12 are entitled to a discount on the normal price for their category. In Germany and Austria, schoolchildren, students, trainees, persons doing civilian service (BFD), pensioners, senior citizens and severely disabled persons (GdB 80%) are entitled to a reduction on the full price of the relevant category on presentation of an appropriate document. Severely disabled persons who are dependent on an accompanying person (registration mark 'B') receive a free ticket for an accompanying person and pay the regular ticket price. The free ticket for an accompanying person cannot be booked online, but only via the ticket hotline. On the city pages of our website (Tickets & Dates) you will find the relevant ticket hotline. The granting of more than one discount per ticket at the same time is not possible.

  • I lost my ticket, I accidentally disposed of it, or I removed the stub – now what?

    Please contact your ticket provider immediately with the proof of purchase (receipt). They will help you. We will be able to find a solution in most cases.  

    Often you can easily glue  
    the stub back on. If there is major damage (e.g. the barcode is damaged), please contact your ticket provider.

  • My ticket is a gift, and I would therefore like to hide the price. Does the ticket remain valid?

    Yes, that is no problem. However, please make sure that both the seat number and the barcode are still visible.

  • Is it possible to exchange or return my tickets?

    An exchange or return of tickets is generally excluded. However, you have the option of taking out separate ticket insurance with an insurance provider of your choice. Alternatively, you can pass your tickets on to third parties if you cannot use them yourself.

  • I purchased a discounted ticket. However, this ticket is now being used by a person not entitled to this discount. What should I do?

    Don't worry! You can simply pay the difference (surcharge) to the regular price on the day of the event directly at the box office. However, the reverse is not possible: payouts and subsequent discounts are excluded.

  • Is it possible to buy a gift card for show tickets?

    The purchase of ticket vouchers is possible. The vouchers can be redeemed for a visit to any CAVALLUNA event within Germany. You can easily buy the vouchers on our website: Simply enter the desired amount and you will receive the voucher directly by e-mail or by post to your home. To redeem the voucher, simply select your desired date in our CAVALLUNA ticket shop and enter the voucher code during payment. You can also find more information on our voucher page.

Questions about the stable tour
  • What does the stable tour cost and how long does it take?

    The stable tour costs 25 EUR and takes about 45 minutes. A separate ticket is required for each participant.

  • Is it possible for my child to take part in the stable tour alone?

    Yes, if the child is at least 16 years old. However, it is necessary that you personally hand over your child to the guide of the stable tour and also pick him/her up again at the end of the stable tour. Children up to the age of 15 are only allowed to take part in the stable tour if accompanied by an adult. For this, both child and adult need an admission ticket.

    By the way: According to the law for the protection of minors, children and young people under the age of 16 may only enter the arena if accompanied by an adult.

  • Where is the meeting point for the stable tour and what should I do if I can’t find it?

    The meeting point for the stable tour is provided on the ticket. From there you will walk to the stables together. If you can’t find the meeting point, please contact the box office staff or the staff at the entrance. 

  • Am I allowed to take pictures or film the horses during the stable tour?

    Small cameras are fine - but no flash please! Professional cameras (e.g. SLRs) and extra large lenses are not allowed. Photos and films may not be used for commercial purposes - only for personal use. However, we would love to see your pictures on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social media channels!

  • I’m a wheelchair user or I’m severely handicapped. Is it possible for me to take part in the stable tour?

    You can buy your ticket with peace of mind, because we will definitely allow you to take the stable tour! Please note that your accompanying person also needs a ticket. As the local conditions vary from hall to hall and need to be prepared accordingly, please inform us by e-mail to service@apassionata.com.

  • When can I buy tickets for the stable tour?

    Be the first to know when tickets go on sale for the Stable Tour: Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter and you will be informed in time.

  • I would just like to take part in the stable tour without visiting the show. Is that possible?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only take part in the stable tour if you also have a ticket for the respective show. Both the ticket for the show and for the stable tour will be checked.

  • Am I allowed to pet or feed the horses during the stable tour?

    Some of our horses like to be petted very much. Others prefer to be left alone before or after the show. This is why touching the horses is only allowed if the stable tour guide or the owner/rider agrees. However, you should always pay attention to the animals’ reaction. If they turn away or signal that they feel uncomfortable in any other way, you must be respectful. CAVALLUNA is not liable for any damage that is caused in this respect. 
    Feeding is not allowed, because each horse gets a specially assembled food and has its own feed times. We also want to prevent possible intolerances to treats brought by visitors. Our horses’ wellbeing is ever so important to us. 

  • May I ask the riders/actors for autographs?

    Just bring a pen and something for the riders to sign – then you will get your autograph as a personal souvenir! 

  • Will I miss part of the show if I take part in a stable tour?

    The stable tours always take place before and after the shows. The meeting point is always positioned so you have enough time to get to the show, and you don’t have to leave the show early. You can therefore enjoy the entire show.