Dear audience,

as the pandemic situation is still not completely overcome worldwide, we as organisers of CAVALLUNA are of course also obliged to guarantee you all a safe and carefree show experience. We take this responsibility very seriously and have worked out appropriate hygiene concepts in close cooperation with the arenas. Depending on the individual situation on the day of the show, these concepts will also be subsequently adapted to meet the requirements of the respective state government. We will of course inform you shortly before your visit to the show about the details of the respective measures.

Furthermore, we would like to ensure that all spectators feel safe and avoid any risk of infection as far as possible. Therefore, we reserve the right to admit only persons who have been vaccinated, recovered or freshly tested. This means that you must either

  • present a complete Corona vaccination certificate on the day of the show
  • present a medically certified convalescent certificate
  • present a negative Corona test from an official testing centre that is no more than 24 hours old (no self-tests).

The respective proofs will be checked at the entrance and must also be carried for minors. If you do not have any of the above-mentioned proofs, we will unfortunately not be able to admit you to the arena.

The safety of our audience is our top priority and as much as we regret having to comply with these stricter hygiene measures, they are in everyone's interest and above all in the interest of the continued existence of our shows. We ask for your understanding!

Apart from these regulations, please note the generally valid admission regulations in our general terms and conditions.