"The Amazon of Water" (Dajana Pfeifer)
CAVALLUNA - Video Portrait

As the Amazon of Water, Dajana Pfeifer rides her PRE gelding "Lenny" freehand through a huge sea of cloth in the current show CAVALLUNA - "Legend of the Desert" - and demonstrates demanding classical dressage lessons such as flying canter changes, traversals and the passage. Learn more in the video:.

In "Legend of the Desert" the audience is immersed in the mysterious world of the Orient. At the centre of the story is Princess Samira (portrayed by Kenzie Dysli), who must save her desert people from the evil influence of her uncle Abdul.

If you would like to see Dajana Pfeifer and her breathtaking act with her PRE "Lenny" live, you can get tickets here.


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