CAVALLUNA stands for magical moments between humans and horses. Experience the magic of “CAVALLUNA – Legend of the Desert” on the current tour of Europe’s most popular horse show.  
Following the successful tours of “Companions of Light” and “World of Fantasy”, the sensational horse show will be visiting 30 cities – and is sure to also stop by in your area. “Legend of the Desert” takes you on an adventure across vast desert lands. Look forward to enjoying our stars’ unique riding skills and get carried away by the outstanding show effects, dance performances, acrobatics, and music. We will continue our current tour starting in April 2021 and look forward to welcoming you.

The Dutch Village | The Story of CAVALLUNA - Legend of the Desert


Samira, the princess of the desert, is loved and cherished by her people. After her mother’s death, it is time for her to be crowned queen in a festive ceremony. Her mother was known as a wise and kind ruler and Samira wants to follow in her footsteps. The entire country is looking forward to welcoming the new queen. However, her cousin Abdul, second to the throne, was also invited to the festivities.  
When the crown is about to be placed on Samira’s head, he incites an uproar – the ceremony is interrupted and a battle between good and evil ensues. Abdul manages to capture Samira. He tells her about his plan: She will meet her fate at dawn. 

Princess Samira is crowned. Scene from CAVALLUNA - Legend of the Desert


Samira, now a captive, recognizes that she must succumb to her sad fate. But suddenly a magical horse appears, frees her from her dark cage and helps her escape. Samira and the magical horse become friends. As they develop a deep connection, Samira summons up the courage to ride away.  
While riding across the desert, Samira and her four-legged friend face all sorts of dangers. Together they ride through the night and overcome all obstacles. The princess is completely exhausted and rests by a rock. There, the cave’s guard, a funny character, performs his morning ritual and points the way into the darkness...


Kenzie Dysli & the magical horse | CAVALLUNA - Legend of the Desert


From the old wall paintings in the cave Samira learns about the story of the eternal battle between good and evil. The paintings appear to come alive and, as figures of light, show Samira the events of the past. The princess is spellbound by the story and hopes for a happy ending.  
She is shocked when she learns that Jahl, the power of evil, wins... Completely distraught, she leaves the cave and finds an oasis where the powers of good, Hayawia, teach her that in life, everything is interconnected and forms a unity. 



Scene from the show: The battle between good and evil | CAVALLUNA - Legend of the Desert


In the Valley of the Wise, the powers of good and the goddess include the desert princess in their ritual. They place the fate of the world in her hands. Samira is the only one who can stop her evil cousin and save the country.  
A two-faced prophet tells her about the future of the world and what to do to protect the country from Abdul: Samira must search for the four Amazons of the Elements, she must master the elements and become the fifth Amazon – the one who unites all natural forces. On her way, she encounters the Alsahaba, wild desert riders who encourage her with their joy and high spirits and help her find the mysterious temple she is looking for. 


Kenzie Dysli and the two-faced prophet | CAVALLUNA - Europe’s most successful horse show


Using a harp, she summons the Amazons of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Each of them presents their power to the princess in a breathtaking performance. The Amazon of Fire completes a challenging obstacle course, the Amazon of Water crosses a sea of cloth with the greatest of ease, the Amazon of Wind presents a new variation of the Hungarian Post with three beautiful Frisian horses and the Amazon of Earth gives a demanding classical dressage performance in the side saddle. 
Surrounded by thunder and lightning, Samira feels a force awakening inside her, the fifth Amazon. She calms the forces of nature surrounding her... Now she is finally ready to face her cousin Abdul, to save her people from his evil deeds and to preserve the beauty of Nature. 

Dajana Pfeiffer as the Amazon of Water in CAVALLUNA - Europe’s most successful horse show


Someone else is also making his way: An officer of the royal court riders plans to overthrow Abdul and is searching the desert for the rightful heiress to the throne. But he gets caught in a sandstorm that seems impossible to escape. The Amazon of Wind comes to his rescue. With her help, he finds Princess Samira and warns her about Abdul.

But before she faces Abdul, she stops by the desert riders so they can teach her what she needs for the fight: courage. That night, Samira feels the power that finally makes her the fifth Amazon...


Standing on the horse - the Hungarian Post | Diego Giona as Officer of the Royal Court Riders


The next morning, Samira, who is entirely cloaked, tries to enter the court. But she is immediately chased by the royal riders. When Abdul appears, the riders leave, and a nerve-racking duel begins. When Abdul appears to be losing, he calls his riders for help. They surround Samira. Will the princess still be able to win the battle against evil?  
Find out for yourself and be part of the CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” experience in the biggest arenas in Germany and Europe in one of more than 30 cities on the European tour. 

Kenzie Dysli & Filipe Fernandes riding at the CAVALLUNA | Europe’s most successful horse show
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