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In General

The arenas usually open one to two hours before the show. Please check your ticket for door opening times, or ask your ticket provider. The show itself takes about two hours and there is a 20-minute break.

This information is available from the event location you will be visiting. Please check the respective website or call the service number of the location.

Basically we are looking forward to nice pictures or videos – also uploaded on Facebook, Instagram or other social networks. However, it is particularly important to us that the show visit remains a very special experience for every spectator. Therefore, photography with SLR cameras or other cameras with interchangeable lenses is not permitted. The same applies to filming with professional cameras (eg camcorder). Tablets (for example iPad or Samsung GALAXY Tab) are also not allowed in the arena. Your recordings could disturb the guests in your immediate vicinity.

Please also note that photography is only permitted for private, but not commercial use. Press representatives can be accredited to our PR team.

The lightning must be switched off to avoid frightening the horses.

Animals are generally not permitted.

Spontaneously, this is not possible – for insurance reasons and also due to the exact timing of the show. Generally speaking, the riders are highly qualified – they are among the best riders in Europe. If you believe you are equally skilled, please feel free to send your application to info@apassionata.com.


Children up to 4 years enter for free, but they will have to sit on a parent’s lap. (Please note: This does not apply if visiting EQUILA in the SHOWPALAST MUNICH. Check the respective FAQs for more details.)
Children ages 5 to 12 receive a discount of EUR 10 off the regular price in the respective category. Pupils, students, trainees, members of the federal volunteer service and pensioners, seniors and disabled persons (degree of disability 80%) receive a discount of 5 EUR off the regular price in the respective category, provided they present appropriate identification. Severely disabled persons receive a companion free pass if their ID is marked with a “B” and pay the full price for the card themselves. The companion free tickets are not bookable online, but only via the ticket hotline (+49 (0)1806 – 73 33 33). The simultaneous granting of several discounts per ticket is excluded.

Exchanging or returning tickets is generally not permitted. Many ticket providers will however provide specific cancellation insurances.

Please contact your ticket provider immediately with the proof of purchase (receipt) for help. There is a solution for most of these problems. In most cases, you can simply glue the stub back on. If there is major damage (e.g. the barcode is damaged), please contact your ticket provider.

No worries! You can simply pay the difference to the regular price at the box office. However, this is not possible the other way around: payment of excess amounts is excluded.

Yes, that’s no problem at all. However, please make sure that your seat number is still visible.

It is possible to buy vouchers for tickets. The vouchers can be redeemed for a visit to any event. Simply select your desired date, any amount and get a gift voucher by mail directly to your home. You will find the vouchers in our ticket shop.

Stable tours

The stable tour costs EUR 20 EUR and takes about 45 minutes.

Be the first to know as soon as the tickets for the stable tours are available: Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to the newsletter, and you will be informed right away.

Yes, if he or she is 13 years or older. However, you will need to hand them over personally to the stable tour guide and pick them up at the end of the tour. Children of 12 years and younger may only take part in the stable tour accompanied by an adult. Both the child and the adult will each need a ticket.

When visiting the show, according to the Youth Protection Act, children and teenagers under the age of 16 are only allowed access to the arena in the company of an adult.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You can only take part in the stable tour if you also have a valid ticket for the respective show. Both the ticket for the show and for the stable tour will be checked. But you don’t have to buy the tickets at the same time – different orders are possible.

The meeting point for the stable tour is provided on the ticket. From there the stable guide will walk you to the stables. If you can’t find the meeting point, please contact the box office staff or the staff at the entrance.

Some of our horses like to be petted very much. Others prefer to be left alone before or after the show. This is why touching the horses is only allowed if the stable tour guide or the owner/rider agrees.

Feeding is not permitted, as each horse has an individual diet and its own feeding schedule. We also want to prevent possible intolerances to treats brought by visitors. Our horses’ wellbeing is ever so important to us.

Small-sized cameras are no problem – but no flash, please! Professional cameras (e.g. reflex cameras) and additional larger lenses are not permitted. Also, photos and films may only be used for private purposes, not for commercial purposes. However, we are happy to see your pics on YouTube or Facebook!

Of course – just bring a pen and something for the riders to sign, then you can take home your autograph as a personal souvenir!

Go ahead and get your ticket – we will make sure that you can take part in the stable tour! However, the local conditions are different depending on each location. To make sure we can prepare everything properly, please send us an email in advance: service@apassionata.com.

The stable tours always take place before and after a show. The meeting point is always planned in such a way that you have enough time to get to the show on time or not have to leave it early. So you can enjoy the show in full length.