The TV trailer
for the new CAVALLUNA show
"Legend of the Desert"!

First impressions of the upcoming European tour

Finally the time has come: The TV spot for CAVALLUNA - "Legend of the Desert" is here! The upcoming programme takes the audience on an adventurous journey through the Orient. The beautiful desert princess Samira, played by the well-known horse trainer Kenzie Dysli, must uncover the secret of the Amazons of the Elements in order to save her country. Accompanying her on her adventures is a wild horse that is always by her side. Will she succeed in her dangerous mission and save everything she holds dear?

Watch the trailer for the new show CAVALLUNA - "Legend of the Desert" now and immerse yourself in an interplay of first-class horsemanship, acrobatics, thrilling dance interludes and atmospheric music. Europe's most popular horse show appeals not only to riding and horse fans, but to the whole family!

Sommershow Munich
27 August - 11 September 2022

The open-air summer show in Munich

Find out everything about the new family show "Eine Show steht Kopf!" at CAVALLUNA Park in Munich.

October 2022 - June 2023

CAVALLUNA – Secret of Eternity 

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