APASSIONATA trademark dispute settled

An amicable settlement has now been reached in the legal dispute over the APASSIONATA brand.


Legal dispute over the APASSIONATA brand has been settled: As of October 2019, CAVALLUNA is the only major touring horse show in Europe

The legal dispute over the APASSIONATA brand, which has been going on since November 2016, has been settled - all rights to use the brand are thus exclusively returned to Apassionata World GmbH. In the coming seasons, CAVALLUNA will be the only major touring horse show in Europe. All sides are happy with the outcome of the agreement, but in this case there is only one clear winner - and that is you, our guests and fans.


How we deal with the name APASSIONATA in the future is still open to us. CAVALLUNA is and will remain our top product: in 2017 and 2018 we invested significantly in our European tour. The team in front of and behind the scenes has been greatly expanded and a lot more creativity and energy has gone into the staging. By the end of the tour, the World of Fantasy show will have been experienced by around 420,000 visitors in 34 cities across Europe. We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm with which you, dear audience, honour our hard work. In almost every show we have standing ovations, which is a huge success for our great team.

Two horse shows caused confusion

Since October 2018, CAVALLUNA "World of Fantasy" (organiser: Apassionata World GmbH) and APASSIONATA "The Magic Dream" (organiser: Live Nation GmbH, producer: Peter Massine Productions GmbH / APASSIONATA Productions GmbH) were two independent horse shows on tour in Germany and Europe as a consequence of the dispute over the brand. While the APASSIONATA tour ended prematurely, the CAVALLUNA tour will run as planned until the end of June 2019.

Peter Massine, former co-partner of Apassionata World GmbH and producer of the shows APASSIONATA - "The Dream" and "The Magical Dream", is retiring from the entertainment business: "I am delighted about the settlement of the protracted shareholder disputes and wish CAVALLUNA and Apassionata World GmbH every success and many happy visitors."

In October 2019, CAVALLUNA - "Legend of the Desert" will start its new European tour through more than 30 cities.

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Your team of the Apassionata World GmbH


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