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Their character and physique make these small horses originating from South Tyrol real all-rounders.

Haflinger horse




cold-blooded horse

Height at the withers:

138 - 148 cm


400 - 600 kg

Life expectancy:

about 30 years

Colour of coat:

exclusively chestnut, with light-coloured long-haired coat


diligent, good-natured, intelligent, uncomplicated, curious, resilient


sure-footed, powerful, athletic, rhythmic


South Tyrol


as breeding horse all over the world

Suitable for:

recreational riding, dressage, show riding, carriage driving, sports, agriculture

Facts about horses

Did you know? Every third pony in Germany is a Haflinger horse. Also, the first cloned horse named Prometea was a Haflinger horse born in 2003.

Known for their beautiful mane: Haflinger horses.

Blond mountain angels

Haflinger horses are a small horse breed that originates from South Tyrol and is now mainly bred in Austria, Bavaria and Northern Italy. The striking horse breed with a long, white mane was named after the village of Hafling in the Etschtaler Alps. Although they are only the size of a pony – meaning less than 1.48 m height at the withers – Haflinger horses are known to be particularly efficient and versatile. Today, the blond horses from South Tyrol are among the most popular pony breeds in the world.

Haflinger horses have a well-proportioned and muscular body. They have a good metabolism, and they are tough and not susceptible to diseases. Their medium-long neck is set low, the shoulder is of medium length and sloped. Haflinger horses have a wide, often long back, typical for ponies that are bred for carrying. Their average height at the withers is 1.40 m and a thoroughbred Haflinger horse may not be smaller than 1.38 m.

Haflinger horses were originally used for carrying loads and as working horses in the mountains. They have an innate ability to work on steep mountain slopes and they are very sure-footed in slippery terrain. Since they originate from the Alps, Haflinger horses are very well adapted to extreme weather conditions. They are tough and frugal by nature. Even today, Haflinger horses are used to bring supplies to remote mountain farms in the High Alps. Thanks to their charismatic appearance, even those who don’t have expert knowledge about horses can easily identify this breed. And their chestnut-coloured coat, which is available in light and darker shades, and the light-coloured long mane give them a distinctive look. Their small head with big eyes, wide nostrils and the cute little ears is another of these horses’ trademarks, reflecting their friendly nature.

Their small size makes Haflinger horses perfect for all ages.

Real all-rounders

The current CAVALLUNA show “World of Fantasy” also features four beautiful Haflinger horses performing with Claus Luber’s riding team: “Alonso”, “Wonder”, “Atego” and “Magic”. Although it is the first time the team from Greding near Nuremberg is taking part in Europe’s most popular horse show, they are already known for their spectacular carriage performances. Elke and Claus Luber and their horses have performed at countless shows, festivals and trade fairs, fascinating the audience with acts such as the quadriga or performing with teams of ten horses. At CAVALLUNA, the charismatic Haflinger horses can be seen with a four-in-hand. With their unmistakable Haflinger horses with their impressive, long manes, the team is presenting a thrilling duel with Laury Tisseur’s Hungarian Post. This daring carriage driving act by Claus Luber’s riding team is a unique experience that the audience won’t forget.

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