A Portrait of Team de Visser

A Big Heart for Big Horses

Daphne de Visser and her team have been a regular part of the shows since 2008 and now they are returning again – with true crowd favourites, the shire horses. Daphne discovered her passion for the biggest horses in the world as a child, when she was supposed to ride the small ponies at riding school but was much more interested in the mighty draught horses. Shire horses weigh more than 1200 kg and are an impressive sight with their long leg hair and striking manes. The tallest shire horse in the world in the mid-19th century was the gelding Sampson, with a height of 2.19 metres.

Team de Visser at CAVALLUNA

During her life, Daphne was often confronted with the prejudice that shire horses were not suitable for dressage, but this only spurred her ambition all the more. She lovingly trains her animals in classical dressage and shows that these horses are elegant, intelligent and talented. It is important to win them over as a friend, because you truly cannot control them with strength. A well-trained shire horse can do dressage up to a very high level as well as cute and funny circus tricks. One thing is for sure: When these giants enter the arena, they will certainly take your breath away for a second!