A Portrait of Saori Ishizaka

From Groom to Show Star

For Saori Ishizaka, "Land of a Thousand Dreams" is truly a dream come true. She has earned it, because the Japanese has been a team member of CAVALLUNA for a long time and always shows full commitment. Although she was already a trained veterinarian in Japan, she turned her back on her homeland to pursue her passion for horses in Europe. At CAVALLUNA she started as a stable guard, eventually became a groom and took on small roles in the show. It is a very special honour for her to play the lead role this year, for which she has prepared intensively with months of riding, dancing and acting lessons.

Searching for Freedom

She embodies the protagonist Yuen, an emperor's daughter from ancient Asia who is suspected of possessing extraordinary abilities and posing a threat to the empire. On her flight from the emperor's henchmen, she learns of the distant Land of a Thousand Dreams, where everyone can be free and live out their talents to their heart’s content. Her search for this mystical place leads her to a Shaolin master, Kung Fu fighters and a horse whisperer, but her pursuers are always close on her heels. Will she manage to reach the fabled land in time?