The close bond between horse and rider at CAVALLUNA

Find out more about how the riders at CAVALLUNA treat their horses and how they create the basis for a trusting working relationship. After all, the animals should always feel comfortable and relaxed in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the show.

Sasa and "Shiva".

CAVALLUNA stands for sophisticated choreography, stirring music, magnificent sets and, of course, impressive equestrian disciplines. But what also characterises the shows is the affection between human and horse, which results in their perfect interaction. The horses are not only the undisputed favourites of the audience, they are also the centre of attention for their riders and handlers. That's why their welfare is paramount, both during and after the show.

The talented and valuable four-legged stars are usually owned and bred by the teams themselves, and have been passionately trained and prepared for years. The riders are also there for their horses on a day-to-day basis, whether at show weekends or in their spare time. They live with them, move them around and look after them. They muck out their stalls, feed them and take them out to the paddock. They groom and shower them, braid their manes and make sure the horses are not only well groomed but also relaxed when they go to shows.

The close contact fosters the special relationship they have with their animals: The riders can feel the horses' moods at all times - an extremely important prerequisite for training and the show itself. After all, the horses are the stars of CAVALLUNA, Europe's largest horse show. It is only together with them that the riders are able to enthrall the four hundred thousand spectators in the numerous arenas each year. All this is only possible if the horses are in perfect physical and mental health during the tour.

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