The CAVALLUNA horse stable

How the show horses live during the tour

The CAVALLUNA Tour, which travels across Europe between October and June, is organised like a star. This means that the horses are not taken from one show city to the next. Instead, they are accommodated in centrally located horse stable from Monday to Friday. This means that travel times can be kept to a minimum and the show horses do not have to spend their time in small boxes, but can enjoy a normal horse's life. They are housed in stable tents only on Saturday and Sunday. Every day they have the opportunity to move around in the warm-up tent and in the arena (before the shows start).

Since 2022, CAVALLUNA has had a whole stable area where all the show horses are kept. Their respective riders also live there and take care of the animals. Each horse is allowed to spend the time between tour stops as it pleases, whether relaxing in the paddock, riding out or light training. The facility is located near Tönisvorst in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Appropriate horse keeping is key

The beautiful equestrian facility has large paddocks where the horses can graze to their heart's desire, as well as plenty of opportunities for rides and fresh air. Two indoor arenas are available for training, which is individually tailored to the horses - the best conditions for a trusting relationship.

To strengthen the bond between horse and rider, there are also apartments for the riders on the site. Routine is extremely important for horses, which is why they are always looked after by the same carers who respond to their needs. The horses have a daily routine in terms of feeding, care and training. Andalusian horses, mini Shetland ponies, donkeys and bipeds all feel at home here and use the equestrian facility as a retreat to come back to and enjoy the peace and quiet after a busy weekend of touring.

The facility

The Gehlenhof near Tönisvorst has been in existence for over one hundred years. The manor has always been associated with the breeding of fine horses and equestrian sport, and CAVALLUNA is now continuing this tradition.

The entire farm has been renovated in 2020. There are two indoor arenas, both equipped with the proven ebb and flow system, which means that the surface is always perfectly moist and dust-free. The sand is also levelled daily.

In addition, there is also a lunging arena with a diameter of 18 metres. It is lighted, covered and watered daily so that the horses can be exercised and trained all year round. Next to the lunging arena is a horse walker that can accommodate up to six horses. The outdoor arena also has an ebb and flow system so that the ground is even for training and there are no large puddles even after heavy rain.

The grounds are surrounded by a variety of paddocks and fields where the horses can graze, play and relax. No matter how many hundreds of thousands of spectators they thrill each year, the four-legged stars of CAVALLUNA are, above all, just ordinary horses.

Impressions from our CAVALLUNA stable

Fun Facts about the horse stable

How big is the area in total?

About 30 acres of land


How many boxes are there?     

  • Approximately 70 boxes
  • Enough pastures and paddocks for all the horses 

How is the facility laid out?

  • 2 indoor riding arenas (80m x 40m & 40m x 20m)
  • Lunging arena
  • Round pen
  • Outdoor arena 60m x 25m
  • Horse walker for 6 horses
  • 2 wash areas (1 outdoor, 1 indoor)
  • Horse solarium
  • Extensive riding area
  • Video surveillance of the whole area
  • 1 large tack room on 2 floors
  • 1 large house + 3 apartments
  • Large manure area


Fun facts in figures

  • Hay per horse: 1 round bale per month (approx. 250-300 kg hay)
  • Straw per horse: 1/2 square bale
  • Shavings per horse: 7 bales (approx. 24 kg) per month
  • 5kg of concentrated feed per horse per day
  • 30-60 litres of water per horse per day
  • 4 horseboxes, 2 buses, 2 cars
  • Approx. 250 kg of manure per horse per week (this is ploughed into our fields in the spring as fertiliser where oats are grown)


Who lives on the farm?

  • 15 people
  • 4 dogs
  • 1 farm cat
  • 1 chinchilla

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