Getting used to light and sound

How are the horses at CAVALLUNA getting used to light and sound? Read the article to find out how we ensure that the horses enter the arena completely relaxed and not frightened by sounds or light reflections.

Amazon of the wind, Giulia Giona, at the TV commercial shoot for "Legend of the Desert".

Creating a comfortable environment

Life in the show arena is a daily routine for horses and riders - however, the four-legged stars are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the conditions at each new venue. After all, if a corner looks a little different or a spotlight is oddly positioned, the animals should not be unnecessarily stressed, but should feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Before the first show, there is always a period of familiarisation during which the teams have the opportunity to show their horses everything. Of course, no major changes are ever made to the set-up - it is part of the show's concept to create as much everyday life as possible for the animal protagonists. The animals feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, not only in the stable tents but also in the arena. During their training sessions, the riders are free to choose whether they want to work with normal arena lighting or show lighting for their scenes, whether they want to train with or without music, or whether they don't need to train in the arena at all and would rather take their animals out for a walk. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of the animals, so that they can always perform at their best in the show.

Poster for "Companions of Light".

Every horse has its own pace

Of course, the most intensive familiarisation takes place during the rehearsals before the premiere. This is when everything is really new and light reflections or wandering bright spots on the floor have to be inspected and classified as harmless by the four-legged friends. For some this happens very quickly, for others it takes several trips into the arena to be sure. However, none of the experienced show horses ever have any real problems with the lighting installations, as horses with a very nervous and fearful character are not selected for such a show in the first place.

Music perceived at room volume

As far as sound is concerned, it is possible for the teams to train at home in their stables to the music of the scenes that will be played in the show. This means that the horses are familiar with the sound concept long before the first real rehearsals in the arena. Some horses are so familiar with their music that they know when to perform which movements - sometimes even anticipating their trainers. In the arena itself, riders and horses can only hear their music at room volume, thanks to loudspeakers angled away from the riding arena, giving the audience a full sound experience but the stars a quiet zone. This is the only way for all riders who work with their voices to communicate meaningfully with their animals. This is especially true for the equestrian artists but also for everyone else. The volume is always kept at a level that does not stress the animals in any way and that they are used to at home. These and many other measures ensure that the show is a relaxed and enjoyable experience not only for the audience, but also for all the performers - every single show!

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