Arabian horse

Arabian horses have always been considered to be highly loyal and exceptionally elegant. These patient horses were the desert people’s pride and joy.

Profile Arabian horse


Arabian thoroughbred



Height at the withers:

145 - 160 cm


sleek, elegant body, pronounced concave face, large eyes, high tail

Colour of coat:

white, brown, chestnut, black


sensitive, spirited, very oriented towards humans, good-natured, ambitious


spirited, energetic


Arabian Peninsula



Suited for:

show riding and dressage, recreational and endurance riding

Facts about horses

Did you know? Thanks to their great endurance, their good-natured character and their elegant appearance, Arabian horses are often used in the film industry. The famous Arabian thoroughbred “Sarouc” who is known from German children’s TV is one example.

Arabian horses distinguish themselves by their confident posture and their good-natured temperament.

Sons of the Desert

Arabian horses are among the world’s most noble and oldest horse breeds: In addition to Arabian thoroughbred horses, this also includes other breeds such as Shagya Arabian horses, the Anglo-Arabian horses and half-Arabian horses. The animals are native to the Arabian Peninsula. There the Bedouin people primarily used them as riding animals to cross the endless desert landscapes. To the desert people, they have become irreplaceable and loyal companions due to their high endurance, their reliability and their humble nature. The concave face and the large nostrils and eyes are typical characteristics.  
Their sensitive nature makes the oriental thoroughbreds especially valued. Even though Arabian horses are often referred to as spirited, they also have a sensitive and good-natured side to them. They are very oriented towards humans, and they quickly form bonds with their riders. Arabian horses are considered to be very noble – because of their nature and their elegant appearance. Typically, they have a slender body, a narrow and fine head and big, expressive eyes and nostrils. The high neck and the high tail give these thoroughbreds a majestic look. Arabian horses are bred in all shades, however they are most common as white horses.

Arabian horses have great stamina.

Born athletes

Thanks to their good-natured character and the fact that they easily form bonds with humans, they are popular horses for recreational riding. The elegant animals are also often used as show horses due to their delicate appearance. After being replaced as racehorses by English thoroughbreds, these oriental horses have qualified for another discipline: endurance riding. They have a far higher endurance than most other breeds, and they are agile and eager to move by nature. Due to their genetic purity, they were often used for breeding with other horses such as Trakehner horses, English thoroughbreds, Appaloosa horses and American Quarter Horses.

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