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The Noriker horse breed is originally known from the central Alpine region. Because of their strenght and good sense of balance, Noriker were mostly used as carriage horses through the Alps.  This region was once known as the Roman province of Noricum. At the end of the 19th century the original name Pinzgauer horse was changed to Noriker horse, due in part to the Romanophile attitude in this time. Until today, Noriker horses can be mostly found in Germany and Austira, but more unusual in the rest of the world.
The Noriker is a moderately heavy mountain draught horse with a low centre of gravity, sure-footed, and with a good sense of balance. The neck is strong with visible musculature. The shoulder should be long and well positioned. The width of chest is broad and deep, the croup is very muscular. Special attention is placed on correct position of the short legs having strong clean joints and little feathering.  Due to its colour varieties, the Noriker enjoys large popularity. Beside the basic coat colours bay, black and chestnut, there are spotted Leopard complex horses, blue roan and other roan colours. Grey does not occur.