Perfect allrounder

KWPN horses are perfect partners in equestrian sports thanks to their athletic physique and high willingness to learn.

Profile KWPN:

Breed: KWPN (Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland)
Group: Warmblood
Height: 165 – 170 cm
Features: typical rectangular build, strong neck and noble, medium sized head, expressive eyes
Coat colour:  all colour variations, especially brown and foxes
Character:  friendly, fearless, lively and motivated
Pace:  sweeping, ground-covering movements, high knee action
Origin:  Netherlands
Spread:  Europe, North America
Suitable for: Dressage and show jumping, driving, leisure and show riding

Talented allrounder

The KWPN (Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland) is a Dutch warmblood horse and is one of the youngest horse breeds worldwide. The breeding of KWPN horses only began around the middle of the 20th century: with the crossing of the two Dutch breeds Groninger and Gelderländer and the additional crossbreeding of thoroughbreds, these beautiful, athletic animals were created. Especially in show jumping and dressage, the Dutch warmbloods achieve top performance. A true superstar among the KWPNs is the black stallion “Totilas”, who is considered one of the best dressage horses of all times in professional equestrian sport worldwide. His successes have sometimes been decisive for the increasing popularity of this horse breed. Today, there are three KWPN breeding lines, which are more suitable for different sports depending on their disposition and character traits.

Typical for the aesthetic quadrupeds are their noble head and their expressive eyes.

The perfect horse for every rider

The appearance of a KWPN corresponds to that of a classic warmblood: They are characterized by a rectangular body, noble head and strong neck. The exterior is sometimes more powerful, sometimes more finely defined – depending on whether an animal is descended more from the Groninger or the Gelderländer. Many KWPNs resemble thoroughbreds in their appearance, which is also reflected in their gait: They are characterized by their supple and expansive movements, which make them appear very elegant and sublime.

The Dutch four-legged friends convince not only by their expressive appearance, but also by their lively character and their great motivation. The athletic horses are fearless, willing to learn and very persistent. Paired with their uncomplicated temperament, this makes them perfect sport horses. KWPNs enjoy training and their gentle and friendly disposition makes them reliable partners and popular leisure horses. Four-legged friends of this breed are also quite easy to ride and therefore also suitable for untrained riders. All in all, the Dutch warmblood is a true all-rounder and is therefore enjoying increasing popularity, especially in Europe and the USA.

Horse Facts

Did you know? The popular warmbloods not only harmonize perfectly with humans, but also with other conspecifics. The gentle Dutch react very calmly by nature and can therefore also cope well in a larger, mixed herd.

KWPN gelding “Keino” enthused the spectators with expansive and elegant movements.


In the show “Welt der Fantasie” the spectators experienced the beautiful KWPN gelding “Keino” in the touching liberty dressage of Bartolo Messina. Full of pride the Dutch horse presented his dressage and sport talent: Whether Spanish walk or capriole – light-footed and with a swinging gait the KWPN “Keino” showed difficult lessons and fascinated the CAVALLUNA audience.