Loyal companions from the mountains


Originally from South Tyrol, this small horse is a real all-rounder among horses due to its character and physique.

Haflinger profile:

Breed: Haflinger
Group: Cold blooded
Height: 138 – 148 cm
Weight:  400 – 600kg
Life expectancy:  approx. 30 years
Coat colour:  exclusively foxes with light longhair
Character:  hardworking, kind, intelligent, easy-going, curious, robust
Pace:  sure-footed, powerful, athletic, rhythmic
Origin:  South Tyrol
as breeding horse worldwide
Suitable for:  recreational riding, dressage, show, driving, sports, agriculture

At home in the mountains

Haflinger horses originally come from South Tyrol and today are bred mainly in Austria, Bavaria and Northern Italy. The visually striking horse breed with long, white mane was named after the village of Hafling in the Etsch Valley Alps. Although they are “only” pony size – smaller than 1.48 m in stick size – Haflingers are considered to be particularly efficient and versatile. Today the blond South Tyrolean horses are one of the most popular pony breeds of all.

Robust power packs

Haflinger - Pferderasse - Galopp | CAVALLUNA.com
Haflinger “Magic” at home on the farm of the Lubers.

Haflingers have a well proportioned and muscular body. They are good feed converters, tough and not very susceptible to diseases. The neck of the Haflinger sits low, the shoulder is medium long and sloping. Haflinger have a broad, often long back, as is known from ponies bred for carrying. The average stick size is 1.40 m, a purebred Haflinger must not be smaller than 1.38 m.

Unmistakable popular figures

The charismatic appearance of the Haflinger makes this breed easy to recognize even for non-horse experts. The chestnut-coloured coat of the Haflinger, which occurs in lighter and darker versions, and the light long mane make the versatile mountain horses unmistakable. The small head with the large eyes, the wide nostrils and the relatively small ears is also a trademark of the horse breed and reflects the friendly nature of the breed.

The energy bundles from the Alps

Haflinger im Stall bei CAVALLUNA - Passion for horses
The mountain horses have a long, blond mane by nature.

Originally Haflingers were used as packhorses and workhorses in the mountains. They have the innate ability to work on steep mountain slopes and are extremely sure-footed even on slippery terrain. Thanks to their origin in the Alps Haflingers are very well adapted to extreme weather conditions and impress with their robust and frugal nature. Even today Haflinger horses are used as pack horses to supply remote mountain farms in the high Alps.

Horse Facts

Did you know? Every third pony in Germany is a Haflinger.

Ein however Allrounder

Today Haflingers are popular leisure horses for young people and adults and successful in tournaments, western and driving sport. Due to their calm, well-balanced and strong nerves Haflingers are suitable for beginners. The small physique of the Haflinger makes them the ideal horse for all ages. Even small children can vault on their strong backs and even the care of the animals is manageable for all ages. These diverse characteristics make the Haflinger not only one of the most versatile pony breeds but also one of the greatest all-rounders among all horse breeds.