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Arabian horses - sons of the desert

Spirited, beautiful and athletic at the same time: Arabians belong to the most noble horse breeds worldwide.

Profile Arabian horse:

Breed: Arabian thoroughbred
Group: Thoroughbred
Height: 145 – 160 cm
Features:  slender, elegant body, pronounced pike head, large eyes, high tail base
Coat colour:  grey, brown, foxes, black
Character:  sensitive, spirited, very people-oriented, good-natured, ambitious
Pace:  lively, energetic
Origin:  Arabian Peninsula
Spread:  worldwide
Suitable for:  Show and dressage riding, leisure and endurance riding

Sons of the desert

The pike head and the large nostrils and eyes are typical features of the Arabian.

Arabian horses belong to the noblest and at the same time oldest horse breeds in the world: In addition to the thoroughbred Arabians, other breeds such as the Shagya Arabians, the Anglo Arabians and the Arabian half-breed belong to this ancient breed. The animals find their origin on the Arabian Peninsula, where the Bedouins used them primarily as mounts for their journeys through the endless desert landscapes. Due to their high endurance, their reliability and their frugal nature they have become irreplaceable companions and faithful companions for the desert inhabitants. The pike head as well as the large nostrils and eyes are typical features of the breed.

Another characteristic that is highly valued in the oriental thoroughbreds is their sensitive nature. Although Arabians are often described as temperamental, they always reflect a sensitive and good-natured personality. They are very people-oriented and quickly build up a strong bond with their riders. Arabians are not only regarded as very noble horses because of their character, but also because of their elegant appearance. They typically have a dainty body, a narrow, fine head and expressive, large eyes as well as nostrils. The high set neck and the high tail give the thoroughbreds their majestic appearance. Arabians are bred in all colourings, but as a grey, they are most common.

Arabs are very people-oriented, sensitive and enjoy company.

Born Athletes

Both their good-natured character and their humane nature make them very popular leisure horses. Due to their filigree appearance, these noble four-legged friends are also used as show horses. After they were replaced by the English thoroughbreds as racehorses, the Oriental horses have taken a new discipline for themselves: endurance riding. They have a much higher endurance than most other breeds and are by nature very agile and eager to move. Because of their genetic purity, they have often been crossed with other breeds of horses and thus refined the Trakehner, the English Thoroughbred, the Appaloosa or the American Quarter Horse with their blood.

Horse Facts

Did you know? Because of their high endurance, their good-natured nature and their elegant appearance, Arabs are especially popular in movies. A well-known example is the thoroughbred Arabian “Sarouc” – the famous four-legged friend played Bibi Blocksberg’s horse named “Sabrina” in the movie “Bibi & Tina”.

Freedom artists Bartolo Messina and Arab “Sol” enchant the audience of “World of Fantasy”.

Arabian horses at CAVALLUNA

At CAVALLUNA “World of Fantasy” the spectators experience two of the oriental four-legged friends in action: Laurent Jahan presents his beautiful black Arabian stallion “Jack” in a small liberty dressage. The otherwise so comical Frenchman shows more than ever his soulful side.

In the great freedom of Bartolo Messina – with eight horses of different breeds – the audience can marvel at the thoroughbred “Sol”. The Italian feels particularly close to him, as the Arabian was the very first horse that the freedom artist trained especially for a show – “Sol” was never ridden for free work. For him, the horse is his avatar, with which he functions as a unit in absolute harmony – this can be felt at every moment when watching the touching freedom.