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Recently with his own team

For ten years now, the talented dressage rider Filipe Fernandes has been one of Europe’s most popular horse shows. The Portuguese invited the audience to dream with impressive dressage performances at “Gefährten des Lichts” and also proved his unique talent in the previous show “Welt der Fantasie”. Now for the second time he is on board with his own team at CAVALLUNA and shows in “Legend of the Desert” beside beautiful quadrilles, which he performs together with his Frisian team, also an impressive Pas de deux of dressage together with Kenzie Dysli.

Trained by the Master

The sympathic southern European grew up near Lisbon, not far from the riding school of Luis Valença – the old master of the high school. Filipe discovered his passion for this classical riding style at an early age and so he personally completed his training with the Old Master. In 2008 he performed for the first time with the Equipe Valença at Europe’s most popular horse show. In addition to his great success at CAVALLUNA, Filipe Fernandes also looks back on numerous triumphs in competition sport and has been a successful trainer and rider himself for many years.

Impressive horses

The majestic Frisians are undoubtedly among the audience favourites at CAVALLUNA. They make the hearts of the audience beat faster, above all because of their beautiful, elegant gaits, their lavish hangings and their deep black, shiny fur. With pure elegance, the Portuguese and his team will delight spectators of all ages.

The team at CAVALLUNA

Filipe Fernandes assumes the role of the evil cousin Abdul, second in the succession to the throne and commander of the royal court riders at CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert”. Filipe and his team present impressive lessons of classical dressage such as traversals and piaffe as well as dreamlike quadrilles with five magnificent Frisians. Together with their horses – also called “black pearls” – the talented riders captivate the audience without exception!