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Audience favourite Bartolo

For many years, Bartolo Messina has thrilled audiences with touching freedom dressage and the invisible bond between him and his horses. With his colourfully mixed herd of horses and an impressive freedom he conquers the hearts of the audience within seconds and amazes them. Since the 2014/2015 Tour, Bartolo and his team have been part of the big CAVALLUNA family.

His horses belong to the family

Bartolo, whose homeland is the beautiful island of Ischia, has dedicated his entire life to the noble animals. He has around twenty show horses on his farm in sunny Italy. At the stud farm, which bears the name “Aragonas Arabians”, all live for the beautiful four-legged friends: Friends, acquaintances and family members rarely miss his evening training sessions. Especially his sons are keen on horses. The first-born, Antonio (7), has become a little star himself: With nine mini-shettys, he presents a little freedom dressage to the audience at joint performances with his father. Leonardo (3) is in no way inferior to his big brother – even before he could walk, he was already sitting on Bartolo’s horses with his eyes shining and without any fear of contact.

The team at CAVALLUNA

The horse whisperer Bartolo has been thrilling CAVALLUNA spectators for years – and even in “Legend of the Desert” the Italian fascinates with a touching freedom dressage with ten horses. Among them are a baroque pinto, a Welsh pony, a KWPN, a Frisian, three Lusitanos, an Andalusian, an Arab and an Appaloosa mare.
With six cute mini Shetland ponies he enchants the audience with his little freedom: The cute four-legged friends jump over obstacles and proudly prove their abilities.
His brother Luciano Messina will also be on board again for the European Tour 2019/2020 and will make the audience smile together with Tinker “Johan”.