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Equipe Filipe Fernandes – Classical Dressage

Mit eigener Equipe

For ten years, talented dressage rider Filipe Fernandes has been one of Europe’s most popular horse shows. The Portuguese already invited the audience to dream on the hit show “Companions of the Light” with impressive dressage inlays. Now he is on board for the first time with his own team at CAVALLUNA and shows not only beautiful quadrilles with his Frisian team but also a touching solo freestyle on the beautiful KWPN gelding “Vivaldi”.

Learned from the master

The sympathetic Southern European grew up near Lisbon, not far from the riding school of Luis Valença – a veteran of the High School. Already at a young age Filipe discovered his passion for the classical way of riding and so it happened that he completed his training with the old master personally. In 2008, he appeared for the first time with Equipe Valença at Europe’s most popular horse show. In addition to the great success at CAVALLUNA Filipe Fernandes but also looks back on numerous triumphs in tournament sports and has been a successful coach and rider for many years.

Imposing horses

The majestic Frisians are undoubtedly one of the crowd pleasers at CAVALLUNA. In a magical way, they captivate the audience within seconds, especially because of their beautiful, elegant hallways, their lush foliage and their deep black, shiny fur. In addition to the “black pearls of Friesland”, the beautiful KWPN “Vivaldi” fascinates the audience as well: with sporty elegance the gelding thrills big and small spectators.

The Equipe Filipe Fernandes at CAVALLUNA

In the show “CAVALLUNA – Legend of the desert” the team of Filipe Fernandes shows wonderful lessons of classical dressage. The talented team presents heavy lessons like traversals and piaffes as well as beautiful quadrilles in complete harmony. The special feature is that the baroque horses are presented with a simple snaffle! In addition, Filipe shows with his KWPN “Vivaldi” an impressive dressage freestyle – the duo has already enchanted many spectators in the previous show “Companions of the Light”!