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Companions of Light

The tour ”Companions of Light” 2017/2018 was the most successful production of our company and has delighted young and old visitors equally.

There have never been more spectacular stunts, such touchy liberty sceneries and more impressive lessons of classic dressage. Surrounded by very emotional music and mesmerizing lighting effects, the show became special as it was.


Cinema of Dreams

The tour ”Cinema of Dreams” 2016/2017 thrilled the audience from the first moment and has taken the spectators into the world of film.

This show impressed with varied sceneries and the perfect combination of first-class dressage, thrilling action, unique choreographies, opulent costumes and realistic as well as fantastic video projections – all embedded in rousing music.

Under the Mirror’s Spell

In the show ”Under the Mirror’s Spell” 2016/2017 visitors of all ages have immersed in the mystical sphere of mirror worlds – an experience for the whole family!

New were performances of difficult acrobatics, as well as the presentation of an icon of western riding. For the first time, cute Welsh ponies appeared in the show and the great freedom dressage also surprised, inspired and touched – an unforgettable journey through worlds full of fantasy.