Barock Pinto horse

They are a sight for sore eyes: These mostly dappled Barock Pinto horses are extremely impressive. 

Profile: Barock Pinto horse


Barock Pinto horse



Height at the withers:

150 - 162 cm


strong, baroque physique, wide chest, short back and rounded croup, elegant head on a muscular neck, lush mane, long tail

Colour of coat:

overo and tobiano patterns


friendly, eager to learn, well-balanced nature, reliable


high knee skips, expressive, swinging and elegant


The Netherlands


Western Europe, main breeding areas are Germany and the Netherlands

Suited for::

dressage and show riding, recreational riding

Facts about horses

Did you know? Nowadays, in addition to Friesian horses, other baroque horse breeds such as Lusitano horses, Andalusian horses, Hispano-Arabian horses and Berber horses are also used for breeding Barock Pinto horses.

The black and white pattern is this breed’s most important characteristic.

Sensational Pinto horses

Barock Pinto horses are a relatively young horse breed originating from Friesland. This extraordinary breed – the beauty of which was also admired outside of the Netherlands – was created by crossbreeding Friesian mares with dappled Old Gelderland horses in the 1950s. The Barock Pinto horse breed goes back to a stallion named Bonte Nico, who was known for his striking dappled pattern. The word “pinto” contained in the name means “painted, dappled” in Spanish and refers to the breeds' most important feature: the beautiful horses’ black and white pattern. All horses from the Pinto family must meet certain requirements regarding their coat in order to be recognised as such. If a horse only has a single spot that differs from the coat’s foundation colour, proof of this area measuring at least 500 cm² is required. Horses with purely black coat can also be included in the breeding register. For this, they need to have at least two areas of white with a diameter of at least ten centimetres.  

The beautiful, dappled warm-blooded horses that are commonly referred to as “colourful Friesian horses”, look similar to other Friesian horses. The term “Barock” (baroque) refers to the horses' baroque physique. They have a square body shape that is typical for baroque horses, and an elegant head with small ears and beautiful big eyes. They are also distinguished by their strong neck, a wide chest and well-developed muscles on the hindquarters. The horses are black and white with an overo (white-over-dark) or tobiano (white-haired, pink-skinned patches on a base coat colour) pattern. Barock Pinto horses typically also have a long tail, a lush mane and extensive feathering.  

Barock Pinto horses are real all-rounders.

Loyal companions for recreational and sport riders.

Barock Pinto horses are not only beautiful to look at, riders also love their uncomplicated character. They are very friendly and have a well-balanced nature. At the same time, horses of this breed are known to have strong nerves and be hard-working. This makes them real all-rounders. Barock Pinto horses can be used for many different disciplines: from carriage driving to vaulting, to recreational or dressage riding. Thanks to their Friesian blood, they have an expressive and swinging gait with high knee skips. This gives them a graceful appearance that makes them look stunning even during the most difficult advanced dressage performances.

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