Oldest horse breed of America

Profile Quarter Horse:

Breed: (American) Quarter Horse
Group: Warmblood
Height: 145 – 165 cm
Features: compact build, short, broad head, very muscular hindquarters, broad stance
Coat colour:  all colours, no pinto desired
Character:  quiet, friendly, intelligent, easy to Train
Pace:  soft, flat, known for the slow trot
Origin:  USA
Spread:  worldwide
Suitable for:  Dressage and western riding, rodeo, tournament and equestrian sports, leisure

THE horse for cowboys – but not only

With over 4.6 million animals, Quarter Horses are the most common breed of horse in the world. It is no wonder that they are very popular among riders both as sport horses and as leisure horses. After all, their versatility coupled with a well-balanced temperament makes them reliable partners in many areas. Many initially associate American horses with cowboys and herds of cattle. In fact, the animals are very often used to herd cattle, as they possess the so-called “cow sense”. This means that the horses have a natural feeling for the herd of cattle and the aim of their rider and can adapt their movements independently to what is happening. But this is not the only special feature of this breed: American Quarter Horses are the fastest horses in a race over a quarter mile (approx. 400 meters) and owe their name to this fact. In the “Quarter Mile Races” they accelerate insanely fast and thus easily outpace other horse breeds – even English thoroughbreds.

The oldest North American horse breed was created by crossing different European breeds and combining their positive characteristics and abilities in one horse. Wild horses had already died out on the continent when European settlers discovered America in the 17th and 18th centuries and brought horses with them. From crossbreeds of Arabians, Berbers, English thoroughbreds and Irish ponies, the Quarter Horse eventually emerged. The Quarter Horse had to be a faithful partner for the settlers in all situations and difficult situations during the conquest of America – so the loyal four-legged friends kept their robustness and reliability until today.

Quarter is not equal to Quarter

The worldwide strongest breeding association, the American Quarter Horse Association, distinguishes between different types of Quarter Horses. Depending on what the horse is used for, certain characteristics are more pronounced. What they all have in common, however, is the strongly muscled hindquarters and the small head. Typical for the muscular quadrupeds are also the small fox ears and the pronounced gait. The classic type Quarter Horse is called “Stock Type”. In addition, the different types are all named after the respective Western discipline for which they are bred. All coat colours and shades are permitted. These also have their own names in Quarter Horses, there are over 17 names. Only Pinto are not wanted and are therefore registered as so-called Paint Horses. As a rule Quarter Horses are strong nerves, sensitive and good-natured. They like to learn new things quickly and are therefore very popular among riders of different riding styles. However, the speciality of these horses, for which they are mainly used, is Western riding and the associated disciplines such as reining.

Horse facts:

Did you know? The fact that western riding and with it the breeding of western horses came to Germany is mainly due to the well-known Swiss horse trainer Jean-Claude Dysli and the American Alan Jacob. Both brought the first Quarter Horses to Europe in the early 60s. Jean-Claude Dysli’s daughter Kenzie, who is our Horse Consultant at the show “Welt der Fantasie”, still continues the breeding at her Hacienda in Andalusia.