Partner for long distance travel

The appearance of the popular pinto can be very different and yet everyone recognizes them: Tinker. Because of their gentle disposition and noble character they are sought-after leisure companions.

Profile Tinker:

Breed: Irish Cob / Irish Tinker
Group: Cold blood with pony / Warmblood
Height: 130 – 145 cm
Features: striking long hair and drapery on the legs, robust physique, strong head, strong neck, characteristic beard
Coat colour:  predominantly pinto
Character:  friendly, fearless, calm and good-natured
Pace:  earthbound, powerful movements
Origin:  Ireland and United Kingdom
Spread:  mainly Europe
Suitable for:  leisure and driving horses, riding therapy, dressage

True bundle of energy

The Tinkers are also known as Irish Cob, Irish Tinker or in the USA as Gypsy Cob and have their origin in Ireland and Great Britain. There they were used as draught and work horses by tinkers – who were also called Tinkers at that time. The craftsmen roamed the area repairing boilers and pots in various households. The tinkers also earned their money by selling various goods they carried with them. They transported their trade goods on covered wagons, for which they needed strong draught horses.
The Irish Cobs were particularly suitable for this: Not only did they have an extremely robust physique, the pied coat made them unique and unmistakable animals that could be recognized from afar. They wanted to make use of these advantages and so the breeding of different Pinto’s began, in which also other very strong cold-blooded horses like Clydesdales or Shire Horses were crossed. In the 1990’s their popularity increased enormously in other countries, but in Germany the Tinker is only considered as an independent breed since 2005.

Horse Facts

Did you know? In former times horse breeding was mainly done by noblemen who preferred single-coloured animals. It was therefore not unusual for piebald horses to be simply given away to passing travellers.

True friends

It is typical for a Tinker: the small beard on the upper or lower lip.

Their very pronounced long hair, especially the flowing mane and their luxuriant poots make these robust horses unique. Typical for this breed are also their large, faithful eyes and the differently pronounced beard. Most Tinkers are pied and often show a broad blaze. However, there are somewhat rarer animals with a plain coat like grey, black or brown. Altogether the Irish four-legged friends show themselves quite variously regarding their outward appearance and unite partly also characteristics of warm-bloods and ponies in itself.

Tinkers are strong, but above all reliable and willing to work horses and are still used today as working and draught horses. But they are also very popular as a leisure horse and sports partner. Tinker horses are characterized by intelligence, humanity and a balanced character. Nothing can upset the little cold-blooded horses so quickly, which is why they are such reliable companions for many riders. At the same time they are very loyal: Once you have conquered the heart of a Gypsy Cob, you can enjoy his lifelong loyalty. Due to their gentle nature, these good-natured animals are also highly valued in riding therapy.