Full of verve at a gallop

The Holsteiner is, as his name suggests, a sport horse breed bred in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The breed originated in a monastery in Uetersen in the 14th century: Here the animals were used both as riding and working horses. It was only later that the breed was gradually refined to the riding horse of today, mainly by crossbreeding with English thoroughbreds. In the meantime, the usually quite large warmbloods have become popular sport partners for various equestrian disciplines: They are suitable for show jumping, dressage, eventing but also for classical vaulting. The strength, which is still in the blood of the animals due to their previous work in the fields, plays an important role for the flexible application possibilities. Apart from their athletic and robust appearance, the horses impress above all with their character. They are usually reliable, uncomplicated, enthusiastic and show strong nerves even in unfamiliar situations. Their gaits are even and swinging – especially the canter. This is particularly important for vaulting, as the exercises on the horse’s back can only be carried out perfectly if the gallop is smooth and in time.