Legende der Wüste
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Our horses

(Mini-)Shetland Pony

Strong mini ponies

For its size, the Shetland pony is the strongest of all horse and pony breeds. Learn more about the strong powerhorses. Find out more

Alter Real

The horses of Portugal

The Altér Reals have traditionally grown up in the romantic idyll of a paradise island. Find out more


Friesian horses - the black pearls

They are called the "black pearls of Friesland" - learn more about the horse breed. Find out more


A loyal and powerful companion

True talents, when it comes to dressage: Lusitanos. Learn more about the portugese horse breed. Find out more


Athletic and strong

Located and bred at the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands, the Menorquín is a spanish breed. Find out more


well balanced and though

The Noriker-horse, based in Germany and Austria, is a heavy draught horse breed. Learn more about Noriker at CAVALLUNA. Find out more