PRE “Lenny” – The perfect show horse

During the European tour CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” PRE “Lenny ” and his rider Dajana Pfeifer fascinate the audience: As an Amazon of water she floats together with her four-legged friend over a huge sea of cloths. Learn more about the talented horse in our portrait.

Profile “Lenny” (Lennox)

CAVALLUNA Pferde wälzen PRE Lenny

Name: “Lenny”
Age: 13 years
Breed: Pura Raza Española
Group:  Warmblood
Coat colour:  Grey
Gender:  Wallach
Stick measure:  152 cm
Origin:  Spain


Intelligent Spaniard

The PRE gelding is a smart and curious horse who enjoys presenting himself in the arena. Intelligent as “Lenny” is, he can also remember new lessons and step sequences very quickly – which makes him a particularly well suited show horse. In addition, the four-legged friend is very fond of children, relaxed and not easily disturbed. Nevertheless, the grey also has a mind of his own, which he sometimes tries to push through.

Spanish gelding at home in Germany

Although PRE “Lenny” was born in Spain, he found his new home in Germany at the age of five with rider Dajana Pfeifer. The Brandenburg rider immediately recognised his talent and started training him step by step. Within only two weeks she was able to gain his trust – and nothing more stood in the way of his training as a show horse, which Dajana always does herself.

For the soulful scarf number, which the two present at “Legend of the Desert”, they trained for a whole year in total. When Dajana and PRE “Lenny” float together over a huge sea of cloths, the unconditional trust between the experienced show rider and her four-legged partner becomes visible for everyone!

By the way, “Lenny” is permanently hungry: Whether carrot, apple, hay or treat – the pretty four-legged friend spurns almost nothing.



Dajana Pfeiffer | CAVALLUNA - Legende der Wüste | Tour 2019/2020

Dajana Pfeifer | CAVALLUNA – Legend of the desert | Tour 2019/2020

At CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” the charming duo shows demanding lessons of classical dressage such as the passage, the Spanish walk, the traversals and the canter pirouette. As an Amazon of water, Dajana Pfeifer rides with “Lenny” over a huge sea of cloths… goose-pimples moments guaranteed!
The talented exceptional rider presents a special highlight when she floats freehand on her Spaniard through the arena with unbelievable ease – a unique scenery that invites you to dream!