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Old Master of Airs above the ground

They show the most difficult dressage lessons and the art of Airs above the ground in perfection: the Equipe Luis Valença. The old master from Portugal and his team have been an integral part of the European Tour from the very beginning and can look back on a long show history. With beautiful white Lusitanos they enchant the audience year after year in the biggest arenas all over Germany and Europe.

Special family business

For the Portuguese old master, working with horses has become a great passion, even a philosophy of life. This passion is already shared by family members of three generations, some of whom live on different continents: But whether in Portugal or far away in Australia – they all share a deep connection to the animals and a passion for riding. Luis’ daughter Filipa is also responsible for the success of Equipe Valença. Together with her, the old master discusses new choreographies, looks for talented riders and suitable show horses. She is also the one who accompanies the team during the European Tour and makes sure that people and animals are also well off the arena.

The team at CAVALLUNA

In CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” the team around Luis Valença shows the most difficult lessons of the high school in perfection – such as the capriole. The six riders present impressive formations, make every lesson, no matter how difficult, look so simple and invite the audience to dream – pure harmony!

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