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Kenzie Dysli at CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert”

Kenzie Dysli at CAVALLUNA

The popular horse trainer Kenzie Dysli takes on the leading role of Princess Samira in the show “Legend of the Desert” and inspires the CAVALLUNA spectators from October 2019 to June 2020 with her talent. Kenzie Dysli was already the horse choreographer for the CAVALLUNA team on the previous “World of Fantasy” tour – now she has swapped the backstage area for the large show arena. The freedom artist is very proud to be part of the show herself and to present herself and her horses to the big audience.

Kenzie Dysli with horse

Freedom dressage and more

Kenzie’s passion for horses and equestrian sports, known for her work on the cinema productions “Ostwind 1-5”, was already born in Kenzie: The daughter of Western rider Jean-Claude Dysli grew up on the horse ranch of her parents in the middle of the beautiful landscape around the Andalusian Grazemala in southern Spain and was always surrounded by the beautiful four-legged friends from childhood on. Therefore it is not surprising that she feels a special connection to horses and communicates with the animals with a lot of sensitivity.

The horse expert has also been able to gain many show experiences: Various appearances with her horses at trade fairs and frequent contact with the big names in the industry awakened her passion for show riding and freedom dressage. In addition to her equestrian know-how, it is above all her professional approach to horses that makes her the ideal candidate for CAVALLUNA. Together with the horses in 33 cities, she is looking forward to being at Europe’s most popular horse show in the arena and to inspiring the audience.

Kenzie Dysli with horse

Kenzie Dysli in "Legend of the Desert"

In Legend of the Desert, Kenzie Dysli must face an incredible challenge as Samira, princess of a desert tribe, and unravel the mystery surrounding the legendary Amazons of the Elements. Only in this way can she save her people from a great danger. A wild horse accompanies her on her adventure through the Orient.
Not only did Kenzie receive acting and dance lessons for the show, she also practiced trick riding figures, which she now presents to an audience for the first time at CAVALLUNA! The young woman and her horses underline how versatile she is: She delivers herself an impressive dressage duel, fascinates with the traditional riding style of the shepherds and enchants large and small spectators with a touching freedom dressage.

Kenzie Dysli brings two of her own beautiful horses to CAVALLUNA: the Lusitano “Arquimedes” and the Peralta horse “Fideo”. They both have their very own strengths, which become clear once more in the show: While “Fideo” fascinates with an emotional freedom dressage, “Arquimedes” as an ace of the Spanish dressage is enthusiastic and shows his talent for riding with the Garrocha pole, the Doma Vaquera.

Together with her horses, Kenzie Dysli enchants the audience with her open, likeable manner and shines as a true all-round talent, because dance, acting, freedom dressage and demanding equestrian skills have never been so closely linked as with CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert”.

kenzie dysli cavalluna legend of the desert