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Hasta Luego Academy – Voltige- and Trickriding

The vaulting elite

She has been part of Europe’s most popular show with horses for more than ten years: the Hasta Luego Academy. With spectacular stunts on, beside and under the horse, the trick riders are not just the show elite, they remain in the memory of the CAVALLUNA spectators long after their visit. The stunt riders are instructed and trained by Equipe boss Erik Hasta Luego. The Frenchman, who himself was one of the best of the best, has made the training of young Trickreit talents a life’s work. In 1978, he entered the Guinness Book of World Records with a very special discipline: in just 12 seconds he dived under the belly of a galloping horse! The record holds the Südfrranzose to today.

Special horse saddles

In order to be able to show the most spectacular stunts and most rapid maneuvers, the trick riders need very special saddles: In addition to the large front handle, there are also many other loops and handles around the leather seat. Erik takes care of the production of these individual pieces that are tailored to the tricks. For many years he has been practicing this craft with passion and extreme precision. Only in this way does the team boss ensure that his protégés “sit” firmly in the saddle even in risky stunts.

Hasta Luego at CAVALLUNA

Every year, Erik Hasta Luego and his team change and improve the fast-moving show elements. The trick riders in “CAVALLUNA – Legend of the desert” (Legende der Wüste) show unique stunts that take the audience’s breath away. All this is of course only possible on a trusting basis between man and horse. The riders must be able to rely fully on their four-legged friends when they gallop through the arena while presenting rapid maneuvers. At this year’s European Tour, some riders are literally “on fire”: Trick rider Sasa, for example, heats the audience with impressive stunts and explosive moments of surprise! Laury, star of the Hungarian Post, on the other hand, has a fast race with the chariot of the team Claus Luber – an unprecedented spectacle!