Tres Sangres

The horse breed’s name Tres Sangres is owed to crossbreeding Pura Raza Española, English thoroughbreds and Arabian horses. Find out more in the article.



Tres Sangres (Hispano-Anglo-Arabian)


warm-blooded horses

Height at the withers:

150 - 165 cm

Colour of coat:

all colour variations except for dappled horses


intelligent, elegant, spirited and good-natured


rhythmic, elegant, vibrant



Suited for:

recreational riding, dressage, jumping, show riding, eventing

The name Tres Sangres originates from crossbreeding three different horse breeds.

The emergence of Tres Sangres horses

At the beginning of the 20th century, Pura Raza Española horses were crossbred with English thoroughbreds in order to create even faster horses suited for cattle herding: the so-called Vaquero horses. However, breeders quickly discovered that these descendants were too nervous and therefore unsuitable for working with cattle. By crossbreeding Arabian horses, they eventually created a faster but also gentler and well-balanced horse breed.
Versatile Spaniards
Today, Tres Sangres horses still stand for its three original breeds’ best characteristics: They are as comfortable to ride as Pura Raza Española horses, as fast and powerful as the high-legged English thoroughbreds and as gentle and spirited as Arabian horses. This makes the so-called “three blooded” horses highly versatile and ideal recreational, dressage and jumping horses. Tres Sangres horses are also very popular in eventing. Their various positive characteristics make them elegant and harmonious sport horses that are also ideally suited for the traditional Spanish riding style Doma Vaquera.

Present day breeding

Today, there is a variety of breeding methods for this versatile horse breed. As an example, it is very popular to pair off the best descendants of the Tres Sangres. Crossbreeding the Anglo-Arabian horses with PRE horses has also proven worthwhile, as the typical character traits and features of the three different bloodlines are passed on.

Amalia Gnecchi Ruscone with her mare “Atrevida”.

Tres Sangres horses at CAVALLUNA

In the current show “Legend of the Desert”, Amalia Gnecchi Ruscone plays the Amazon of Earth. She gives a traditional riding style performance in the side saddle on her mare “Atrevida”, which she trained herself. On stage, this experienced pair from Italy always shows off its elated and light-footed style and its incredible presence. Amalia and her horse put a spell on the audience with pure elegance and harmony, turning the scene into an unforgettable experience.

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