Friesian horse

The black horses have a mystical and mysterious appearance. Thanks to their lush mane and large eyes, they are quick to win the hearts of anyone they come across.

Profile: Friesian horse


Friesian horse


Warm-blooded horse with a hint of coldblood

Height at the withers:

155 - 175 cm


compact, muscular, strong and high neck, lush long hair (wavy mane, long tail, feathering), baroque appearance

Colour of coat:



reliable, strong nerves, gentle and patient


spirited, elegant, high knee skips


Friesland in the Netherlands



Suited for:

show riding, recreational riding, dressage, advanced dressage, carriage driving, circus riding

Facts about horses

Did you know that the Friesian horse breed was threatened by extinction at the beginning of the 20th century? Luckily, we can still enjoy their beauty and elegance today!

Friesian horses – Black pearls of Friesland.

Fairytale-like appearance

Just like Lusitano horses, the “black pearls of Friesland” have a long-standing history and they are among the oldest horse breeds in Europe. The ancient Romans were already fascinated by their beauty, and the horses are still highly sought-after partners for show riding and recreational riding today. Their fairytale-like appearance makes these baroque horses a very distinctive type of horse that originates in the 16th century: Friesian horses get their compact physique with a high neck, spirited gaits with high knee skips and a pronounced curvature in the ribs from crossbreeding with Iberian horse breeds.

Felipe during training. Friesians are able to perform high knee skips thanks to their crossbreeding with Iberian breeds.

Many different talents

The Dutch horses’ lush mane and feathering, their shiny coat and the large black eyes add to their one-of-a-kind appearance. In order to be officially recognised for breeding, stallions must meet a certain height at the withers: at least 158 cm for three-year-old stallions and 160 cm for four-year-olds. The animals from Friesland are reliable, eager to learn und gentle. And they can be used for many different disciplines thanks to their high intelligence and their sensitive nature: Whether it’s dressage, circus riding or advanced dressage – there is no other horse breed that presents itself in such a majestic way in many different disciplines.

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