Four-legged therapists

The association’s mission

Helping people by enabling encounters between humans and horses – that’s our goal. In the future, the association will make it possible for us to help children through engaging with horses and the promotion of therapeutic riding in an even faster and easier way. 

Horses are the perfect therapists: They are able to quickly grasp the emotions of the people around them and they radiate a feeling of calm and security. Especially for children and teenagers with disabilities, the sensitive animals are the ideal partner because they can fully trust their four-legged friends. CAVALLUNA has been committed to promoting this unique encounter between humans and horses for more than three years. This is why, on a regular basis, the team is inviting children and teenagers to one of the many tour cities, to enable them an exclusive look behind the scenes of Europe’s most popular horse show for them to experience the impressive show horses up close.

It is our goal to help them leave their everyday life behind for a few hours, and to create beautiful moments with their families. Because this is how they regain strength – no matter their situation.

Child and woman sitting next to miniature Shetland pony

We have launched various projects over the years to help children and teenagers through the encounter between humans and horses. But what are these projects?

Here you can find an overview:

Cooperation on funding projects with the DKThR (Deutsches Kuratorium für Therapeutisches Reiten e.V.), invitations to shows in many cities with VIP seats and backstage passages, charity events, donation campaigns, support of hippotherapy centres and animal sanctuaries, pony school at the hippotherapy centre “Abenteuerland e.V.”.

Find out about our young fan’s visits to the show or our charity events in our news. 

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Girl riding on a spotted pony

Therapeutic riding

CAVALLUNA is promoting therapeutic riding that comprises a number of different fields in cooperation with the DKThR, various hippotherapy centres throughout Germany and other charitable organisations.

This includes:

Therapeutic riding, horse-assisted psychotherapy, hippotherapy

However, with all methods, the focus is not on the riding itself but on promoting the development of the children that is put into practice by working and dealing with the sensible animals. This brings joy to the patients and promotes their physical and emotional wellbeing. Of course, a deep bond with the horse also plays a decisive part. The four-legged friends support the children in dealing with their individual restrictions and problems. This may be physical disabilities, but also behavioural difficulties or problems in their social environment.

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Unforgettable moments during the show

In recent years, CAVALLUNA was able to bring a smile to many children’s faces and create unforgettable moments while they were visiting a show or the backstage area. Whether in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich – All of our little visitors have their own touching story and deserve all the happiness in the world – especially while engaging with horses.

Do you know someone who is disabled and would love this surprise? Please get in touch with our association.

Girl standing in front of Tinker horse and holding a gift card for hippotherapy