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Tým s velkou misí

19th February 2020

With pride and commitment, the entire Valença family is dedicated to equine therapy, which helps autistic children ... Zjistěte více

Bartolosova rodina koní

19th February 2020

The Italian is very fond of his horses. Learn more about the individual characters of his herd. Zjistěte více
kommunikation von pferden

Komunikace koní

19th February 2020

Horses have a very special way of communicating something to their fellow men and conspecifics. Zjistěte více
CAVALLUNA Pferde wälzen PRE Lenny

Když se koně valí – a co to znamená

19th February 2020

Wälzen richtig deuten

Rolling is an innate behaviour of the horse. In the article we reveal what is really behind it. Zjistěte více
Paul im Reittherapiezentrum Abenteuerland

“CAVALLUNA hilft” – Pojďte s námi do Adventure Land!

19th February 2020

Paul secretly gave his favourite horse a kiss goodbye. His stay at the Adventure Land Riding Therapy Centre will be remembered positively for a long time. Zjistěte více
Carmen Maria Ortega armas

CAVALLUNA zákulisí: Ženich Carmen

19th February 2020

Carmen Maria Ortega Armas is responsible at CAVALLUNA for the care of a total of 17 horses! In the article we reveal what a normal working day looks like for us. Zjistěte více
cavalluna legende der wüste werbespot dreh

Jak jsou koně CAVALLUNA zvyklí na show music

19th February 2020

Does loud music disturb the horses of CAVALLUNA during the show? This concern is justified, but not necessary because the horses are not exposed to stress at any time in the arena. We explain in the article how the horses are accustomed to the background noise. Zjistěte více
charly bartolo messina cavalluna legende der wüste

Mini Shetland Pony “Charly” v CAVALLUNA

19th February 2020

Small but powerful!

Mini Shetland pony "Charly" is small, but powerful! Zjistěte více