Naši koně

Altér Real

The horses of Portugal

The Altér Reals have traditionally grown up in the romantic idyll of a paradise island. Zjistěte více
Pferderasse Araber | CAVALLUNA

Arabští koně

Arabian horses - sons of the desert

They are considered the noblest race in the world and are also called "sons of the desert". Learn more about the "Arabs". Zjistěte více

Aztécké koně

Robust and yet filigree

"Aztecs" are considered the Mexican national horse. Learn more about horses that are the darlings of our trick riders. Zjistěte více

Barokní Pinto

Frisian horse breed

The word "Pinto" comes from Spanish and means "painted". Read more about the beautiful four-legged friends here. Zjistěte více


Friesian horses - the black pearls

They are called the "black pearls of Friesland" - learn more about the horse breed. Zjistěte více


Loyal companions from the mountains

They are real all-rounders: Haflinger. Find out more about the small horse breed that originally comes from South Tyrol. Zjistěte více


Full of verve at a gallop

They are the perfect partners for vaulting: "Holsteiner". Find out more about the rather large warmbloods. Zjistěte více

Islandský kůň

The Icelandic Horses

They have lush hangings and a dense, shaggy winter coat - which makes them true survival artists in the harsh Icelandic winter. Zjistěte více

KWPN – Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland

Perfect allrounder

The "KWPN" became known through the equestrian sport and their famous representative "Totilas". Zjistěte více


A loyal and powerful companion

True talents, when it comes to dressage: Lusitanos. Learn more about the portugese horse breed. Zjistěte více

Menorcan kůň

Athletic and strong

Located and bred at the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands, the Menorquín is a spanish breed. Zjistěte více

Norikerský kůň

well balanced and though

The Noriker-horse, based in Germany and Austria, is a heavy draught horse breed. Learn more about Noriker at CAVALLUNA. Zjistěte více


Funny long ears

Donkeys can communicate with their sounds up to three kilometres away. Read more facts here. Zjistěte více
CAVALLUNA Pferderasse Pura Raza Española

Pura Raza Española (PRE)

Proud Spaniards on four hooves

As the oldest European horse breed, the PREs are the pride of the Spanish. Zjistěte více

Quarter Horse

Oldest horse breed of America

"Quarter Horses" are the oldest American horse breed - read more about the short distance sprinters here. Zjistěte více

Shetlandský poník

Strong mini ponies

For its size, the Shetland pony is the strongest of all horse and pony breeds. Learn more about the strong powerhorses. Zjistěte více

Shire Horse

Gentle Giants

"Shire Horses" are the largest horse breed in the world. Learn more about the "gentle giants" - the horses with the gentle soul. Zjistěte více


Partner for long distance travel

Mostly they are pied and have a small upper or lower lip beard. Read more about the horse breed Tinker. Zjistěte více
pferderasse tres sangres

Tres Sangres

The horse breed Tres Sangres owes its name to the crossbreeding of Pura Raza Española, English thoroughbred and Arabian horse. Learn more in the article. Zjistěte více


British ponies

They are also often called "miniature Arabs". Read more about the "catfish ponies" which originate from Wales. Zjistěte více