The Icelandic Horses



They have thick winter fur, a shaggy mane and an incomparable charm: Icelandic horses are among the most popular horse breeds.

Profile of Icelandic Horses:

Breed: Icelandic Horse
Group: Small horses
Height: 130 – 145 cm
Life expectancy:  up to 40 years
Coat colour:  all colour variations, pinto except tiger pinto
Character:  friendly, kind, self-confident, active
Pace:  sure-footed, energetic, tactful, elastic
Origin:  Iceland
Spread:  Europe, North America
Suitable for:  show riding, leisure and hiking, tournament sports as well as work and pack horse

Islandpferd |
Icelandic horses can be found in a wide variety of coat colours – exceptions are tiger pintoes.

Horses with charm and lots of power

Icelandic horses usually reach a maximum height of 1.45 m and are therefore hardly bigger than ponies. Because of their small body size they are therefore often called Icelandic ponies. Fans of the breed, however, insist on calling these cute four-legged friends horses. Because with their stocky and muscular bodies and their enormous stamina Icelanders achieve amazing things: They can carry an adult man, for example, without any problems at high speed without tiring. That is why they have always been used in their native Iceland as riding horses for adults or as workhorses. However, Icelandic horses are not only known for their extraordinary robustness, but also for their great variety of colours, which makes them very popular among riders. They appear as black, brown, foxes, pinto and grey. Some animals even change the colour of their coat depending on the season. Also typical for the Icelanders are their lush hangings and their thick, shaggy winter coat, which makes them real survival artists in the harsh Icelandic winter. By the way, these robust animals can live up to 40 years – true friends for life!

Trotz ihrer relativ kleinen Größe sind Islandpferde wahre Kraftpakete.
Despite their relatively small size, Icelandic horses are real powerhouses.

Versatile four-legged friend

Icelandic horses are very versatile. Their extremely frugal, friendly nature and their high endurance make them popular for leisure and trekking. Thanks to their high reliability, their willingness to perform as well as their quick comprehension they can also be used as sport and show horses. But also their great variety of colours makes the four-legged friends of the “island of fire and ice” special. Also the fact that they master additional gaits – tölt and race pass – in contrast to other horse breeds, makes them unique. Most other horse breeds have been bred away from these two gaits over the years, they “only” master the three basic gaits – walk, trot and gallop. Around 65,000 animals live in this country – making Icelandic horses one of the most popular horse breeds in Germany.

Horse Facts

Did you know? The Icelanders belong to the oldest purebred horse species in the world. In order to guarantee pure breeding in the future, Iceland has a ban on imports – once a horse has left the island, it may not return.

Das Showteam Lipperthof fasziniert bei CAVALLUNA mit beeindruckenden Quadrillen im Tölt.
The show team Lipperthof fascinates in the show CAVALLUNA – World of Fantasy” with quadrilles in tölt.

Icelandic horses at CAVALLUNA

After they were last on a big tour in 2010/2011, they are now finally back in the CAVALLUNA show “Welt der Fantasie” – the show team Lipperthof and their six Icelandic horses. Team boss Uli Reber is very happy to be part of Europe’s most popular horse show again together with his team and to impress the audience with beautifully choreographed quadrilles in tölt. The talented Icelanders do not only convince with the variety of gaits they master. Also their cute appearance as well as their ponylike charm make them absolute darlings of the audience, which not only enchant horse lovers.