Athletic and strong

Menorquín horses are a very young horse breed, first registered in 1989.


Breed: Pura Raza Menorquina (PRM)
Group: Warmblood
Height: 155 – 165 cm
Lifespan:  ca. 40 Years
Coat colour:  only black, in all its variations; any other colour cannot be registered
Charakter:  brave, intelligent, strong-nerved and tough
Pace:  rhythmical, elegant, lively
Origin:  Menorca
Spread:  mostly Menorca, occasionally in Europe as well
Used for:  Dressage and Shows

Show horses of the Baleric Islands

They got stuck in your memories: The black horses with a thick mane and a majestic apperance: The Menorquín. According some sources, research has shown links between the Menorquín and Arab breeds, while others have shown it to be of Berber origin, and yet others believe that it was brought to Menorca from central Europe. Its most valued quality is its suitability for the traditional festivals of Menorca, where it is irreplaceable, and for the elevade and bot movements of the doma menorquina. The breed is mostly found at Menorca itself. There are around 3.500 Menorqion horses worldwide and most of them are found of the island.

The Menorquín was officially recognised as an indigenous breed in 1989. The breed has remained agile and slender as it was not employed for agricultural work, for which the Balearic donkey was traditionally used.

Menorquin horses are known for thei brave and intelligent behaviour

Beautiful, proud and intelligent

Menorquin horses have a well-porportioned head, a strong throat and small ears. It is noteable that the bodies of these horses are slim and athletic, especially the long legs. The black fur of the horses is the most characteristic feature because black is the only colour the breed will be registered as.

The horses of Menorca are known for their fiery temper, but they also can be very patient and strong-nerved. Because of all these things, Menorquin horses are very suitable for being show horses. They can master different paces and they look elegant at dressages. “Doma menorquina” is the traditional style of riding of the island of Menorca, which is closely associated with the Menorquín horse. “Doma menorquina” is based on classical dressage and resembles a combination of dressage, “High School” and Doma vaquera disciplines.

Horse Facts

Did you know? Schon gewusst? At the tradiotional “Fiesta de Menorca” festival, Menorquin horses stay always calm. They are early trained to behave that way because of the crowd of people at these events.

Menorquin horses at CAVALLUNA

In the CAVALLUNA show “World of Fantasy” is Menorquin “Ximplet” shown twice! First as the companion of the red riding woman, who leads the protagonist the way and second, when the main character Tahin meets his friend Giulia Giona.