A loyal and powerful companion

As a powerful and loyal horse, the Lusitano horse is a popular companion for riders for centuries.

Profile Lusitano:

Breed: Lusitano
Group: Warmblood
Height: 155 – 165 cm
Weight:  ca. 500 kg
Lifespan:  ca. 30 years
Coat colour:  every colour, mostly brown
Character:  loyal, though, human-oriented, docile
Pace:  agile, sublime
Ursprung:  Portugal
Verbreitung:  Europa, especially Portugal
Used for:  Sport, Dressage, Shows, Western, Carriage riding

Old, but not out of fashion

Lusitano horses are one of the oldest european horse breeds and closely related to the Spanish Andalusian horse. Both are sometimes called Iberian horses, as the breeds both developed on the Iberian peninsula, and until the 1960s they were considered one breed, under the Andalusian name.  In 1966, the Portuguese and Spanish stud books split, and the Portuguese strain of the Iberian horse was named the Lusitano, after the word Lusitania, the ancient Roman name for the region that modern Portugal roughly occupies. There are four main breed lineages within the breed today, and characteristics differ slightly between each line.

Elegant from head to toe

Lusitano mare with foal at the stud of Luis Valença

Lusitanos are known as powerful horses, noted for their intelligence and willing nature. The breed has narrow, but well-proportioned, heads with profiles that are slightly convex. The horses have short, strong backs and rounded, sloped croups, leading to a low-set tail. The breed’s gaits are agile and elevated, but generally comfortable to ride.

The best friend for riders

Lusitano “Gorgorito” at Ischia

Because of their compact and muscular body, Lusitano horses are ideal horses for  sheperds.  Today, Lusitanos are mostly seen in internationdisciplines, including high-level combined driving competition. They are known for  natural-born talent, when it comes to dressage. Lusitano are also very human-oriented, more than other horse breeds.

Dream measurements in every category

With a height of 155 to 165cm, the Lusitano horse is a baroque type breed. The ordinary  weight is around 500kg. The horses can be found in any colour, especially  brown, grey and chestnut.

Horse Facts

Did you know? The name Lusitano comes from the latin term Lusitana, the ancient word for Portugal.

Lusitanos at CAVALLUNA

Laury Tisseur is a rider in the Hasta Luego Academy from Nîmes located in France and was seen in the Europa-Tour „CAVALLUNA- World of Fantasy”, where he showed an hungarian post performance. Hungarian Post is an acrobatic riding performance where the rider stands on the back of two horses and drives three more horses in front.

Laury Tisseur with his Lusitano stallions “Al” and “Capone”