Robust and yet filigree

The young breeding of the Aztecs was founded in Mexico in the early 1970s. The breed goes back to the South American Criollos, which developed from the imported horses of the Spanish conquerors in relative freedom through natural selection in the harsh climate of the pampas. These robust horses were then bred to the North American Quarter Horse and Andalusians – the Aztec was born. Fast and elegant four-legged friends were born, which were particularly suitable for work on the haciendas. Their wide, expansive and above all fast movements make them excellent riding, driving and jumping horses. Equipped with a special talent for cattle driving, the Mexican “national horse” is not only very sure-footed and agile, but also reliable.
At the same time it impresses with its baroque appearance without being too delicate for field work. Its physique is harmoniously pronounced and is characterised by the following features: They have a straight profile, large eyes and rather smaller ears. Like the Quarter Horse, the chest of an Aztec is broad and muscular and the strong neck is set high. With its balanced temperament all these characteristics make it the perfect partner for trick riding. The Aztecs proved this impressively many times in the show.