bartolo messina

Horse whisperer Bartolo has been delighting CAVALLUNA spectators for years with his impressive liberty dressage. In “Legend of the Desert”, the Italian is also present with ten horses, including a Baroque Pinto, a Welsh pony, a KWPN, a Frisian, three Lusitanos, an Andalusian, an Arab and an Appaloosa mare. During a little liberty dressage with his cute mini Shetland ponies, he enchants the audience: the cute four-legged friends jump over obstacles and show off all their skills. Tinker “Johan” is also part of “Legend of the Desert”, who makes the audience smile during a comedy number.

CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the desert” is now on tour! Come along on a breathtaking journey through the Orient: In the new CAVALLUNA show you will experience magical moments between man and horse, a mix of fascinating liberty dressage, rousing dance interludes, funny show moments and unique stunts – all embedded in a mystical story. Let yourself be enchanted by Europe’s most popular horse show! Tickets for the show are available here.