“Hayawia… in the ancient language of the Orient, this word means primal life force. The force that binds us all together. Hayawia is not tangible and not visible, but it drives the world to live on forever, each being dependent on the other – together…”

As in the Arabian Nights

CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” invites the audience on a journey through the vastness of the Orient. The desert princess Samira, played by Kenzie Dysli, has to face an enormous task: Overthrown by her evil cousin Abdul, she must find the four Amazons of the Elements to save her people from evil. She has a wild horse at her side – will she succeed in saving her country?

The story at a glance

The “legend of the desert” is told by Nathan, who visits his granddaughter in Grachtenbrook, Holland. Together they immerse themselves in the magical Orient, where Princess Samira meets a wild horse, ponies put a smile on her face, trick riders prove their skills with daring stunts and the four Amazons of the Elements demonstrate their powers.