cavalluna premiere legende der wüste bartolo messina freiheitsdressur

Goose skin moments with CAVALLUNA

On 26 and 27 October 2019, the grand premiere of the European tour “Legend of the Desert” successfully took place in Riesa. The breathtaking show led the audience into an adventurous world through the Orient and received thunderous applause. Main actress Kenzie Dysli convinced with equestrian art, acting, dance and acrobatics. Together with her horses “Arquimedes” and “Fideo”, the liberty dressage artist also showed lessons in Spanish walk and a Doma Vaquera. Also many other actors like the trick riders of Hasta Luego, horse whisperer Bartolo Messina, the siblings Giona and many more captivated the audience. All in all, the staging full of action and unique effects set a new standard.

The audience’s opinions were also positive throughout. Between a feeling of “goose bumps”, praise for the “beautiful story” as well as respect for “horses and riders for this performance” the visitors left the shows with great satisfaction.

Those who have now become curious can admire the show itself in over 30 cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg or Cologne. Let yourself be enchanted by CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the desert”.