Horses fascinate millions of people! 

The relationship between man and horse is based on mutual respect and a lot of devotion. From this grows trust and is reflected in a partnership mixture of elegance, harmony and dynamics. Together with the best riding teams in Europe, CAVALLUNA has created a unique composition to turn horse and rider into an overall emotional experience. Motion & e-motion. Exactly the same applies to PEUGEOT. PEUGEOT is at home wherever movement and enthusiasm come together. For over 100 years, PEUGEOT has been inspiring customers and friends with a type of movement that awakens emotions. With its models, PEUGEOT always takes a new and fascinating path, combining unique design with state-of-the-art technology and now also offers its customers full flexibility in choosing the right drive technology, whether petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric. The automobile brand is also making some of its vehicles available to the CAVALLUNA ensemble to provide professional support for the European tour through mobility.

We at CAVALLUNA are very much looking forward to working with our exclusive mobility partner PEUGEOT.