charly bartolo messina cavalluna legende der wüste

Small but powerful!

Mini Shetland pony “Charly” has been a fixed component of the European tour for years. As one of six mini-shettys of the team around horse whisperer Bartolo Messina, he also proves his full ability in “Legend of the Desert” and shows a funny liberty dressage together with the other ponies.

Profile “Charly”

charly cavalluna legende der wüste

Name: “Charly”
Age: 12 years
Breed: Mini-Shetlandpony
Coat Colour:  Fox
Gender:  Stallion
Height:  63,5 cm
Place of birth:  Netherlands

bartolo messina mini shettys
Bartolo Messina with the six mini-shettys (“Charly” on the left side)

Small but powerful! With his 63.5 cm height, Mini-Shetty “Charly” was already in the Guinness Book of Records as the “smallest stallion in the world” (meanwhile beaten), but is bursting with self-confidence in the arena like a big one. He masters dressage lessons, including the Spanish walk, the pesade and many other exercises, like no other, and looks incredibly cute at the same time.

Bartolo Messina took his little “big” “Charly” into his loving possession at the age of two. The spirited show stallion grew up in the Netherlands. Despite his small height, “Charly” knows how to prove himself in a group.

If you would like to see “Charly” and the mini-shettys “Bandito”, “Gorgonzola”, “Arno”, “Tigro” and “Cappuccino” live, you can admire them in over 30 cities. Secure tickets for the current tour “Legend of the Desert” now: