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Early training to the beat of the music

An important part of all CAVALLUNA shows is undisputedly the music. Because every scene – whether rousing action scenes or emotional liberty dressage – is accompanied by emotional, perfectly coordinated melodies that bring the mystical story and the show to life. To ensure that the choreographies of the riders and horses harmonise so perfectly with the music afterwards, the teams integrate them with their four-legged friends at an early stage during training. In this way, the animal show stars can familiarise themselves with the music in their own stables before they finally perfect all the step sequences and formations in the rehearsals together with all the trades. The intelligent animals quickly get used to the beat and sounds – and then often know exactly when which lesson is required.

Pferdeflüsterer Bartolo Messina | CAVALLUNA - Legende der Wüste | Tour 2019/2020

A pleasant volume is the be-all and end-all

The well-being of the horses always comes first. This means that the volume – both during training and when showing in front of an audience – must never be too loud. On the one hand, this prevents the four-legged friends from getting frightened, on the other hand, it does not disturb the communication between rider and horse. Besides body language, the voice is one of the most important instruments in working with the animals. Also in liberty dressage, body language, supported by verbal aids, is predominantly used. Loud noises inside the riding arena make it impossible for the animals to understand the acoustic signals of the people. This applies not only to the freedom artists, but to all CAVALLUNA equipment. It is therefore all the more important that the sensitive horse ears can hear the riders’ voices and react to them. Many spectators may therefore be surprised that they perceive the music during the show much louder than the sensitive animals.



How is that possible?

In order to protect the four-legged stars of CAVALLUNA from a loud background noise, the loudspeakers in the arena are mounted in such a way that they are directed against the riding area and towards the audience. The music is thus directed directly into the auditorium to provide the visitors with a full sound experience. In contrast to this, the horses in the arena then only hear the music at room volume and can concentrate fully on the signals of the riders.

Incidentally, the four-legged friends are not only accustomed to the music, but also to the applause of the spectators. Because the teams also integrate the sound of applause early on in the training, the intelligent four-legged friends learn – in combination with positive reinforcement such as caresses and treats – to understand applause as praise. This becomes noticeable for everyone in the arena!