amlia atriveda damensattel cavalluna

Sidesaddle to success


Name: Amalia Gnecchi Riscone

Date of birth: 16.06.1991

Place of residence: Italy, Treviglio (Bergamo)/ Munich

Horse: Tres Sangres mare “Atriveda”

Age: 15 years

amalia atriveda damensattel cavalluna
A great team: Amalia and her Tres Sangres mare “Atriveda”.

Passion in the side saddle

Surrounded by a wild sandstorm, she rides through the arena as the Amazon of the Earth together with “Atriveda” in “Legend of the Desert” and thus casts a spell over the audience. The talented rider Amalia Gnecchi Riscone is participating in CAVALLUNA for the first time, but she already has a lot of experience. Already as a 5-year-old girl, the popular figure saw her future in show riding. Her big dream at that time was to inspire people professionally in side saddle riding. Despite the fact that the riding style is not very common in her home country Italy, Amalia finally fulfilled her wish as a teenager and has been training with a lot of passion in side seat since 2011.

Horses are like a second family

Amalia’s great passion – the horses – are like a second family to her. Wherever her noble four-legged friends are, she feels at home. The talented rider with Italian-Belgian roots lives in Bergamo, where she also gives riding lessons in side saddle under the AIMA (associazione italiana monta all’ amazzone), an association she co-founded. The riding group AIMA, formed by Amalia and two other women, is a matter close to her heart and has the intention to awaken the desire to ride in a side saddle as well as to let the riding style live on actively. Together, all three women teach all over Italy and thus spread a hitherto little-known heritage in the country.

amalia cavalluna damensattel tres angres stute
Riding in a side saddle is Amalia’s great passion.

As Amazon of the earth at CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the desert”

As the Amazon of the Earth, Amalia together with her Tres Sangres mare “Atriveda” impressed the audience of CAVALLUNA with demanding lessons of classical dressage in side saddle. “Atriveda” and Amalia form a perfectly coordinated team both during training and during the show, which casts a deep spell on the audience. As the fourth and last Amazon she enters the arena in “Legend of the Desert”. Threatened by a sandstorm and almost inevitable rope slings, the brave rider has to escape and shows in a wonderful scenery what is possible with a horse on the basis of trust and respect. In her role as Earth-Amazone, Amalia can demonstrate all her skills, combining riding tradition with first-class equestrian quality.