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The Story: CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert”

Once upon a time...

CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” takes the audience on an adventurous journey through the Orient: The beautiful princess of the desert, Samira, is entrusted with an incredible task – she has to protect her folk from the machinations of her evil cousin Abdul and must reveal the secret of the legendary Amazons of the Elements. Will she be able to save everything which is important for her?

The story of the “Legend of the Desert” is told in a small Dutch village called Grachtenbrook. Here the donkey owner and grandfather Nathan visits his cheerful granddaughter Nita and introduces her to the mysterious story…

The Coronation Ceremony

The desert princess Samira is loved and celebrated by her people. After the death of her mother, she is to ascend the throne, for which a solemn ceremony is held. Her cousin Abdul, second in line to the throne, was also invited to the pompous ceremony. As the crown is placed on the princess’s head, a tumult, led by Abdul, breaks out – the ceremony is prevented and a battle between good and evil breaks out!

kenzie dysli cavalluna krönung

Help from a four-legged friend

Captured, Samira realizes that she must surrender to her sad fate. But suddenly a magic horse appears in the deep darkness, which frees her from the gloomy cage and helps her to escape.
Samira and her four-legged companion must face various dangers as they ride through the vast desert. Completely exhausted the princess stops in front of a rock, where the funny guardian of the cave performs his morning ritual and then shows her the way into the darkness…

Dangers in the desert

In the cave, the old murals tell the story of the eternal battle of good against evil. To Samira’s horror, Jahl, the power of evil, gains the upper hand… The princess flees from the cave completely distraught and finds an oasis in which the powers of good, Hayawia, teach her the unity of all life.

The Revelation

A two-faced prophet tells her the future of the world and what to do to protect the land from the evil Abdul: Samira must set out in search of the four Amazons of the Elements and herself become the fifth Amazon who unites all the forces of nature in herself! Along the way she meets the Alsahaba, wild desert riders, who encourage her with joy and exuberance and help her to reach the mysterious temple, which Samira must find.


Samira's fight against the evil

The four Amazons of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth appear to her by means of a harp – with breathtaking performances each of the Princesses presents her powers: the Amazon of Fire crosses a complicated obstacle course, the Amazon of Water rides with unbelievable ease through a sea of cloths, the Amazon of Wind shows a new variation of the Hungarian Post with three beautiful Frisian horses, while the Amazon of Earth presents difficult lessons of classical dressage – ridden in a side saddle!

In the rumble and lightning of the storm, Samira feels the power that has awakened in her as the fifth Amazon and tames the forces of nature that surround her… Now she can finally face her evil cousin Abdul, save her people from his machinations and preserve the beauty of nature!

Searching for the Princess

But someone else is on his way: The officer of the royal court riders wants to overthrow Abdul and searches in the desert for the rightful heir to the throne. He is caught in a sandstorm that seems insurmountable. The Amazon of the Wind rushes to his aid and with her help he manages to find Princess Samira and warn her against Abdul.

But before she confronts Abdul, she stops by the desert riders again to learn what she still needs for her fight: Courage! In the night Samira feels the power within her, which finally makes her the fifth Amazon…

The last fight

Completely veiled, Samira tries to break into her court the next morning, but is immediately involved in a wild chase by the royal horsemen. When Abdul joins them, the riders retreat and a nerve-racking duel begins. When Abdul threatens to be defeated, he calls his riders to help him, who encircle Samira – will the princess still win the battle against evil?

Find out for yourself whether good triumphs over evil and experience CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” live until June 2020 in one of more than 30 cities in the largest arenas in Germany and Europe.

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