Legende der Wüste
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The riding style of the shepherds

The Spanish team of Sebastián Fernández shows the traditional riding style of the cattle herders – the Doma Vaquera. With a wooden pole about three metres long, the so-called “Garrocha”, the talented riders turn around obstacles or their own axis at high speed with a lot of skill! Shepherds used to round up their herds on horseback and catch runaway animals – the “Garrocha” has always been an important aid. With an incredible liveliness and fiery temperament, the Spanish team makes the hearts of the audience beat faster and proves that the Doma Vaquera is one of the most beautiful riding styles in Southern Europe.

sebastian fernandez cavalluna legende der wüste

A talented family

Sebastián’s son, Sebita, has also been a permanent member of the team for several years. When they present their impressive riding style, it immediately becomes clear from whom the young rider from Andalusia inherited his talent. Sebastián’s wife, Mercedes, also proves her skills impressively in the shows: she presents dressage lessons such as Piaffe or Passage with pure elegance.

The team at CAVALLUNA

The Spanish team of Sebastián Fernández captivates at CAVALLUNA – “Legend of the Desert” with demanding riding lessons. In the show the team shows among other things traversals, pirouettes and flying canter changes – and proves thereby, how well their horses are trained! Throughout history, they have taken on the role of royal court riders. Since they always have to hold the “Garrocha”, their reins are only in one hand. Therefore, they have to master the fine help – but this is no problem for the team of Sebastián Fernández! They amaze the audience with the spectacular LED number, especially when team member Ivan Moreno presents the impressive running pesade with Menorquin “Ximpelt” – goose bumps guaranteed!


sebastian fernandez cavalluna legende der wüste