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For many years the Frenchman Laurent Jahan has been proving that he is a true all-rounder: In addition to acting talent, a lot of humour and a lot of comedy, his versatility also astonishes the audience. Whether dressage, circus, freedom dressage or western riding – Laurent Jahan and his four-legged friends will make the hearts of young and old beat faster with a good portion of charm.

The exceptional French talent

At the age of 12, the CAVALLUNA star from Brittany began to work with animals. First he learned the art of vaulting before he found his own passion: Comedy with horses and donkeys. Laurent Jahan quickly made a name for himself with this very special mixture of classical dressage and comedy and presented the so-called “Cheval comique” at countless riding festivals in France. Even the Disneyland Paris engaged the exceptional artist in his amusement park. In the meantime, as a permanent member of the large CAVALLUNA family, he is melting the hearts of spectators at Europe’s most popular horse show – both with horses and with sweet donkeys.

mateo laurent jahan cavalluna legende der wüste

The team at CAVALLUNA

Whether cirzensik, freedom or dressage, Team Jahan is as varied as it is entertaining and as a long-standing member of the CAVALLUNA team it is always a highlight for young and old! In “Legend of the Desert” team member Mathieu Voland embodies the funny court jester of the beautiful Princess Samira, who entertains the people and herself with his donkeys. When he is banished by the evil Abdul, he encounters some problems on his way through the barren desert – but there is nothing his funny four-legged friends can’t solve with a few clever tricks.

matteo laurent jahan cavalluna legende der wüste